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  1. It is also a Palace resort so you can use your credits between both resorts.
  2. I would suggest Le Blanc. It is a couples only resort and it is a boutique resort. A little more pricey but looks totally worth it. That's where my fiancé and I are staying for the week after our wedding.
  3. Congratulations!!! What dates will you be there? Where are you having your events?? Have you decided on decorations for the reception? It is so expensive. I got my wedding planner from Vancouver to find outside vendors for things. 8 more months!!!!! Ahh. I picked up my wedding lengha yesterday, it was as if reality set in lol.
  4. Ok so it actually seems like I am getting an ok deal. And that is a ridiculous price for a DJ! I am flying my friend down and he's staying for 1 week and DJing all of my events for that price!
  5. Hey everyone! I just need some feedback from brides out there! I was quoted $725 from JSAV for the "indoors wedding package" which includes a projector, screen, dj mixer, equipment etc. Is this considered a good deal? I am not renting the DJ as I am having a friend do that but I need the equipment. Please help! Or give any suggestions you may have. Thank you!
  6. Bath and Body works has hand sanitizers 5 for $5 and they said at Christmas they have a semi annual sale where they will be .50 cents each. Also, Northern Safety sells boxes of Advil and Tylenol online with min 50 packets in a box. They are a Canadian site though and I'm not sure where you're from but they start at about $14.50 a box.
  7. I am having a Sikh wedding at the Moon Palace in June 2014. I hired a wedding planner here (Vancouver) who is arranging everything for my wedding and with the wedding coordinator at MP. As for the baba, he brings 2 other people with him to perform the Kirtan and the wedding as well as the Guru Granth Sahib and anything else needed but you have to provide the gifts you would normally give to a gurdwaras for a wedding. I am still finding out if they provide ramaals. You generally pay a package price and it includes 3 people's flights and accommodations for 1 night only. They perform so many destination weddings now so you should try to book it ASAP. My wedding planner had a hard time getting ahold of him but always ask to speak directly to him and then they will email you a contract you must sign and give a deposit. If anyone is looking for a mehndi person I have the Henna Lounge is the best. They have a website and provide all the details on there. I'm still waiting to find out who the MP provides as they have an "Indian wedding package" now that includes that. When I was looking for what resort to book, it seemed as if MP was the most accommodating for how many functions Sikh weddings have. I get unlimited private functions with no extra cost and they will set everything up everyday. The only extra money we have to pay is per table for the reception but then we are also getting a $2500 credit to use for our reception in which we only pay taxes. If anyone needs any help feel free to message me. I have been intensely planning every single thing. My wedding is going to be 80-100 people!
  8. I bought 35 of these in pink, yellow, red, green and blue from the Dollar Tree in Canada for $1.25/ea. The lady told me that they probably won't be getting more tote bags in for a while because they will be putting up Halloween stuff soon so right now is the best time to buy them!
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