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  1. Hi Sara! We reserved La Hacienda for our rehearsal dinner. It was ok- I barely ate just because I was running around but I think our guests liked it. Our guests LOVED miso (but not all people like sushi/hibachi/chinese)...and I heard the fondue restaurant was really good too!
  2. Thank you! Our ceremony/reception was the exact same time. Your ceremony will most likely start a little late...ours didn't start until 4:25...woops! but still, it wasn't an awkward amount of time. Many of our guests watched us while the photographer took pictures of the bridal party/families on the beach. It actually went by super fast. The chill out comes with basic white table clothes and the basic white chair covers. I chose different chairs and I wanted a sash that was one of our wedding colorsjust because I didn't want everything super white. They have some lanterns along the floor but if you bring ones strung above or around tables that would be soo pretty! I was just lazy and didn't feel like bringing much from home. They decorate it really pretty and anything you want you can pretty much get through the resort. My husband brought his ipod and asked them to play that music for background music during dinner. I'm pretty sure they would've played some type of music either way. The set up of the chill out is that it's basically an outdoor restaurant on the beach and it's on a wooden deck so you're not in the sand. it has cabanas all over and it's beachy but fancy at the same time. it has a bar area and everything! really pretty. the sunset gazebo is right in front of the chill out restaurant on the beach. the beach isn't completely private during the ceremony (there were some lingerers taking videos of our ceremony on their ipad...weird!) but after 5:00/5:30 pm they make any hotel guests leave the beach area in frpnt of the chill out and then it's completely private for your wedding. I am so glad you reserved the chill out! best decision ever. also...the light up dance floor was one of my favorite parts of the wedding...just in case! Annnd if you want to save some $$...use bm bouquets as centerpieces (the wedding coordinator will make it look really pretty) plus the flowers are gorgeous. I didn't pick flowers from the booklet i was given... i just sent the wedding coordinator pics of what i wanted and he got them and it was the same price...guillermo is amazing!
  3. You can ask me as many questions as you want! I was so worried about everything and it was the most amazing time of my life..I wrote the review mainly because i wished I had read one to calm me down before! Haha. Its true that everybody has different taste but we had so many different types of people there and everybody absolutely loved it. Try not worry!
  4. Hi there! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We just had our wedding at the grand sunset princess resort in playa del carmen, Mexico. It was amazing and we loved the whole entire experience, as did our guests! I Have a huge review of it with a link to pictures under the forum titled "neha's grand sunset princess review" check it out if you'd like!
  5. Hi Sara! I can't imagine someone hating the resort or saying that the food/staff was awful. We had our wedding there last month with 45 people and everybody LOVED it! The staff was so nice and the food was great. So don't worry at all. I have an entire review with pictures in a forum called "neha's grand sunset princess review" you can check it out and hopefully it'll make you feel better! I want to go back everyday....!
  6. Thank you!!! That is a great decision on your part . It held up great all night and I was dancing like crazy! People kept asking Me how my hair still looked good (especially since it didnt look all hard with hairspray)! One bobby pin was falling out a little on the side at the very end of the night but by then I did not care
  7. Hi! Thank you . Styling trio was truly amazing...you'll be so happy! Mine is actually Morilee Blu 5108 (I think)! Its way less expensive than the Enzoani! I loved it though and thanks again!! I really thought I wouldn't be able to find a dress I loved under like $3000 and I tried mine on and loved it right away and then saw the price and loved it more! Haha. What dress did you get? The light up dance floor was through the resort and I think they go through avendor! that was definitely one of our favorite parts of the wedding! I used everything through the resort except for the photographer and hair and make up
  8. It seemed expensive to me and even to my parents at first but im super picky... and after i had it done, we all agreed it was worth it! It was $325 for hair and make up for me and then we tipped $50...so $375 all together
  9. Hi Maredith! Thank you! The Chill Out Beach club reception is $100pp with food and drinks. I opted for the light up dance floor in the sand, extra flowers for the ceremony/reception, centerpieces, the dj/sound system, different chairs and sashes for the chairs and all together I think just for the reception it was about $8000 (more or less...). The ceremony- i used the infinity package and i added extra flowers to the gazebo, I had bridesmaids bouquets and I think that was about $2000 all together maybe less? and then everything else.. hair/make up, photographer, etc was all on top of that. Honestly, if you don't care about extra flowers or fancy chairs and sashes and just do the basic set up you can make it a lot cheaper! the chill out is $100 a person regardless but you can do the basic setup and you won't have all the extras/charges. I really, really recommend doing the chill out for the reception. it's a great experience.
  10. Hello! i wanted to give a review to whoever wants to read one because i found these extremely helpful when I was planning my wedding at the Grand Sunset Princess. Sorry for typos/disorganization of thoughts because I'm typing super fast We had our wedding at the grand sunset princess on June 7th, 2014. My husband and i stayed there for 2 weeks, our guests stayed anywhere from 5 to 9 days. We booked with apple vacations through all inclusive vacations and resorts in denver, colorado. Most of our guests came from denver, although some came from different states, and even my grandma came from India! We had 45 guests total. When we all got to the resort we were pretty blown away. My husband and I were so excited right away. The grounds are so well taken care of and beautiful. The resort is massive and looks like a big palace. The lobby is open on all sides so you can see outside and feel the fresh humid air...It's awesome and so pretty. All of our rooms were fairly close depending on what room category each of our guests were in. Although the resort is huge, it was not hard to find people or get a hold of people for the most part. It was so fun to be able to walk along the walkway from the lobby to the beach and see people I know here and there from our wedding party. It was like being in a little town with all of your friends and family. All of our guests told me how amazing they thought the resort was. The staff was so nice and so attentive and helpful. The food was great and our fridges were stocked with water, beer, and soft drinks each day and our room was cleaned very well. All of the rooms were great. We saw the swim up, regular, and platinum rooms and they all were pretty spacious and nice and clean. The pools were so much fun, and so was the beach! We all loved it. I started planning my wedding last August 2013 and Guillermo was my wedding planner. He was/is AMAZING. I loved him. Let me just tell you first of all I was not very happy with him taking a week or even two sometimes to respond to my emails, but then again I did email him very often with different questions and requests. When I got to the resort he was standing there waiting for me to check in. He was so nice and welcoming. He took us to the wedding coordinator office and brought out a book or binder with everything I asked for and started asking last minute questions. After that I felt so good about everything! He knew my style exactly and I totally trusted him and felt less stressed right away. He was soooo good and I would highly, highly recommend him! The wedding day was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to say the least! We had our ceremony at the Sunset Gazebo and the reception was at the Chill Out Beach Club. I highly, highly, recommend this combination because the sunset gazebo is basically part of the chill out beach club. I know it seems pricy to have the private chill out club reception but it is SO WORTH IT! I can't stress that enough. The ceremony was beautiful and it was set up exactly how I wanted it. Now for the reception, it was private in the chill out beach club restaurant. The dinner was amazing, we chose the caribbean buffet. the drinks were amazing. the staff was so, so attentive and filled our drinks as soon as they were empty. everything went so smoothly and i was so pleased. The tables were decorated beautifully. I used our bridesmaids bouquets for centerpieces and they were placed in a cylinder vase with sand at the bottom and floating candles around. We also used the flowers from the ceremony as centerpieces for the head table. For 45 people, we had our head table with me and my husband, our bridal party, and then 5 round tables in front of us. Guillermo was so great, he added little candles and floating flowers in vases with water for centerpieces without telling me and I loved them! He knew exactly what I wanted. It was so pretty outside at the chill out beach club and having a private dinner with all your guests in that outdoor restaurant on the beach during sunset is truly amazing. After dinner, we cut the cake and had dessert and then went to the dance floor- we opted for the light up dance floor in the sand on the beach. The DJ played great music and my husband and I and our guests danced ALL night (even Guillermo came and danced with us )! We also opted for an extra hour, so we did 6pm-11pm and it was really worth it too. The staff brought us out drinks like crazy. They would bring out trays of tequila shots and our friends and family like to have a good time so....we drank a lot of tequila! It was so much fun! As for hair and make-up, I chose The Styling Trio. i researched this forever because I am so picky about my hair and make up. My hair gets really frizzy and poofy in humidity and I don't like to wear a lot of make up in humidity either. They did an AMAZING job. Adrian did my makeup and Angie did my hair. I will attach a link to our photos below. I saw in the forums that people feel like the styling trio is a little expensive, but believe me, just like about the chill out party-the styling trio is soooo worth it!! I chose Dean Sanderson as the photographer. You have to pay an extra $200 to the resort for an external photographer. I am so glad I chose him! he was so, so good. I also researched this forever....because i knew i would look at my wedding photos forever and be showing them to all of our friends back home that could not make it. So many people commented on how great the photos were. He does a great job of capturing the details and the moment. I love every single photo he took! He got photos of things I didn't even realize...loved it!!!! I highly recommend him. Super easy to work with and you barely knew he was there. I don't think I've ever looked so good in a picture in my life! Haha As you can see...i was so incredibly pleased with our wedding, the resort, and the vendors we used. They were all SO amazing! I am very picky about things and every single thing was exactly how i imagined it, or even better. Here is a link to our facebook album of our wedding. Even if you don't have FB, you should be able to view it. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202993341609483.1073741825.1082610060&type=1&l=27b713ac30 Feel free to ask me any questions! I am happy to answer anything! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202993341609483.1073741825.1082610060&type=1&l=27b713ac30
  11. The Styling Trio was AMAZING....they did my hair and make up for my wedding last month. Adrian did my make up and I think Angie did my hair! I loved it! They were super nice, really quick and did an amazing, amazing job. I'm not one for a lot of make up or eyeshadow and everything they did looked super natural and pretty instead of caked on. SOOOO worth the money! Especially when you are going to look at your pictures forever My hair gets super frizzy and poofy in the humidity, and I let them know that...and my hair stayed all night, without looked super hairsprayed or hard...I don't know how they did it, but I wish they could do my hair and make up everyday!
  12. THanks for the replies! I have my date secured for June 7, 2014. I am so excited! We booked the sunset gazebo at 4pm and have the chill out party from 6-10. I loved Del Sol but they are $1000 more than the photographer I chose. I chose Dean Sanderson...I love his photos and think he will do a great job! What has everyone else planned so far?
  13. Hello! I have my wedding secured now for June 7, 2014..I'm so excited! We are getting married at 4 pm at the sunset gazebo and we are doing the chill out party which starts at 6pm! We are going to be using Dean Sanderson for photography,....I read great reviews on him and LOVE the photos hes taken of weddings on his website! I have a question for all of you...is the hair stylist at the resort any good? I want a wavy loose up do-nothing super tight or tightly curled...just a beachy feel. I wonder if they're any good at this? If anyone has pictures of the hairstylist's work that would be great! Thank you!
  14. Hi Guys! Congrats to everyone getting married soon! I am in the process of securing an early June 2014 date and I'm so excited! Who is everyone choosing for photographers and what are their prices like? Also..to book your date do you just fill out the registration form and sign and scan it back to her and that's it? I am a little confused on what info she needs (how did everyone know the menus for the restaurants?) It asks you to choose restaurant and menus and I have no idea about their restaurants or menus! Also, if you say you have 40 people now, can you increase that number later? Thank you for your help and sorry for all the questions!
  15. Hi! I would love to see your photos to help me decide too! neha.anjaria@gmail.com thanks inadvance!!
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