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  1. Hi Joseen, My fiancé and I would also like to go with HDC but I wanted to ask you a few questions. Which package did you go with and did you have a videographer? Thank you, Sandy Oh and did you also pay the $1000 fee or did you pay for the 3 nights? And if so, how many people did you pay for? Thanks again!
  2. Hi ayansi08! Your pictures looks beautiful!!!!!! Do you have any complaints or tips you'd like to share with us? How did everything turn out? Which photographer did you chose? Thank you! Sandy
  3. Tishaa! I can't wait to hear your review!!
  4. Thanks ladies!! We're setting a budget of $20,000 including EVERYTHING so I sure hopes that works out as well! We chose the Chill-out package with ceremony on the beach and reception poolside. I e-mailed Pastor York but according to him, he will have limited availability in 2014 in the DR so he referred me to Pastor Lynkins (who speaks english as well). Has anyone heard anything about him? Pastor York will still write some ceremony examples who will then give them to Pastor Lynkins. Also, I know the topic has been brought up over and over but could you elaborate on the photography issues? I'm a little apprehensive about Arrecife but do I really want to pay that extra $1000 and use someone else??? Has anyone used Arrecife or planning on to? If so, could you give me the deets?? I'm working directly with the resort through Miguelina. I, initially, got in touch with the Miami office and had Lauren as a representative but just like everyone said, she wasn't as responsive as I would've liked her to be. Sorry about the 21 questions but I hate anything last minute! LOL Happy planning ladies! Sandy
  5. Hi all! I'll be getting married August 2014 and am so excited! I've read all 102 pages of threads and phew was it overwhelming!! May I ask about how much you all are spending on the total destination wedding packages?? I'm not sure where to set my budget! Happy planning! Sandy
  6. Hello ladies & some gents! I can't believe I've read all 102 pages! I just made my deposit and will be getting married in August 2014 and am so excited! I'm currently using BeachBumVacation as my travel agent and Miguelina as my wedding coordinator. I, originally, had Laurent from the Miami office but my gut feeling told me I wouldn't get anywhere so I've opted to working directly with PPC. Is anyone else using a travel agent? I'd like to compare the quotes that was given to be versus another Travel Agent. Also, do you think those contracts work in your favor at the end? Happy planning! Sand