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  1. Has anybody ever gotten the photo booth? We went to a wedding once where they had a real photobooth and it was awesome and we are thinking of splurging on it for our wedding and were wondering how it was at Dreams. Thanks!
  2. I'm going to be using Ivan Luckie in June and am really excited about it.
  3. Silly question . .I am having my ceremony on the beach and reception on the pool deck. .any thoughts on what I should do for shoes? I was thinking I should just go barefoot for the ceremony . . since it will be 5 pm. .but not sure what to do for the reception. I don't want to get the dress hemmed for high heels and be barefoot for the ceremony. Thoughts?
  4. We are getting married at Dream Riviera Cancun, but we chose El Dorado Maroma to stay at for a week afterwards for our honeymoon so I'm super excited about that. Awesome to hear people are getting married there too! I've never been but I've heard great things!
  5. Yeah I want to try to set up a snorkel trip or catamaran excursion one afternoon but haven't started researching who to use. . waiting to get a bit of a better head count but open to suggestions too!
  6. My dress is from Blue by Enzoani and is very light feeling even though it doesn't look like it would be. When I went dress shopping I told them I only wanted to try on light dresses. Marisa dresses are also very light. There were some Maggie sottero dresses that I liked, but I was told they were heavy so I didn't try those on. I've actually changed my ceremony to the beach and the reception to the pool deck. I liked a lot of the pictures I saw of receptions on the pool deck. I hired Ivan Luckie as our photographer because I loved his photos and found that the additional packages from Adventure were actually pretty pricey. We are having a pretty big group . . probably about 75 people. I'm trying to figure out what I can bring down for decorations too. And I may end up doing a single stem flower for my bridesmaids .. I only have 3, but the bouquets are so expensive!! Glad people are starting to chat again on this board. I love hearing everyone's ideas!! Oh right forgot to say. . we are going to El Dorado Maroma for our honeymoon after the wedding. It's also in the Maya Riviera. Our wedding was originally at the Dreams Cancun and not in the riviera so we thought we would be moving to a bit of a different location and now our 2nd hotel isn't far from the Riviera Cancun, but the El Dorado looks awesome. The food is supposed to be great, and it's a smaller boutique resort with less than 100 rooms, adult only. We also have this mini infinite pool on our balcony which seems pretty cool.
  7. Congratulations fellow June brides. I am getting married June 30th at Dreams Riviera Cancun. I actually just sent out invitations and I sent them out so early because I have a lot of rooms blocked and I have to let any unused rooms go by March 14th. We went ahead and invited a lot of people, knowing a good many won't be able to make it, but we have a good amount of people who haven't really implied if they are coming or not so that's another reason we sent them out so early. I'm now working on booking a photographer. We have Adventure Photos through our resort and a couple of the photographers are supposed to be great but there packages don't include as many photos as some of the outside photographers I've researched. I'm looking at Juan Navarro and Ivan Luckie who both look amazing. .Any thoughts?
  8. Any opinions on photography? I've heard the Anel and Santiago are great at the resort, but I've seen some great pricing and packages from outside photographers as well. Looking at Juan Navarro and Ivan Luckie. . any thoughts? So many great photographers.
  9. Thanks Everyone! I just heard back from the resort that the Pool Deck is also available so I guess I need to decide soon if we want beach or pool deck. .so of course any opinions are appreciated. I also am glad I ended up at this resort over the Dreams Cancun. It was a bit of an ordeal having to change everything over, but worth it I believe. Congrats all.
  10. Hi There. Our wedding is scheduled for June 2014. Our ceremony is scheduled at the gazebo and our cocktail hour and reception are scheduled to be on the beach. I haven't really seen anyone post about having their reception on the beach .. is it too windy? We were originally booked at Dreams Cancun before we found out it was being bought out and a lot of people were having their receptions on the beach. Any thoughts? We are going to have 75-90 people. The pool deck wasn't listed on the brochure the coordinator sent us(only the concrete terrace) but I'm not sure what the max number of people is for the deck?
  11. Can I ask which resort she switched to? The Dreams Riviera Cancun is now being difficult and not wanting to honor our originally quoted prices for anyone who hasn't booked yet which is not going to be okay. My TA says she has not actually heard that the Dreams Cancun is being closed by the new owners during our wedding but that of course can't be confirmed at the moment. I was not panicking before but am starting to get near panic mode. Thanks.
  12. Amazing job Noelle! What website did you buy the tote bags from? They look great! Thank you!
  13. Have you tried looking into changing the wedding to another Dreams or Now resort? My wedding was scheduled for June and I am changing to the Dreams Riviera Cancun. My travel agent said they are going to honor the original prices they quoted us for rooms. They are still working out the logistics of the room switch, but my date and time are confirmed. All of the other Dreams and Now resorts got back to my travel agent pretty quickly (the Riviera of course took the longest which is the one we wanted because it was closest to the airport) and they all pretty much had openings. My wedding is scheduled for a Monday though which I'm sure is a bit easier to reschedule than a weekend. But definitely look into it before canceling flights and such!
  14. I also had our wedding booked for June of 2014. Our first major wedding fiasco! The resort didn't contact me, but thankfully our travel agent got in touch with us quickly! We are in the process of switching everything over the the Dreams Riviera Cancun. My travel agent said they will honor the prices we were originally quoted as far as rooms which would be great as the Riviera is a newer resort and rooms are typically more expensive than the Dreams Cancun. I'm just thankful they had our date and time still available. .though we have a Monday date so that probably made it more likely to get the same date. Guess I'll have to start looking at their board now!
  15. Hi Everyone. I just booked my date for June 2014 and have really appreciated reading all of the posts on this thread! I am going to have a pretty big group. . at least 60 people and I just had a few questions for brides who have already had their weddings. . Which beach do you think is better for the reception? Has anyone used an outside DJ that they recommend that was less expensive? Did anyone bring their own centerpieces and if so, recommendations? What did people do as far as tipping? We had asked Cecilia about this and she made it sound like gratuity is included as it is when staying at the resort but I wasn't sure. Has anyone still been able to make trades? I was reading about trades that people have done .. but when I mentioned it to Cecilia she said that you can't make trades when using a package. We are getting the ultimate package but it sounded like the trades are specifically for the packages? Thanks everyone. Really happy to have other people to chat with!!
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