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  1. You are not crazy at all! I have reserved our date with Mayte for February 7, 2015! We are ahead of the game with 18 months of planning. Excited! Please feel free to share ideas for guests welcome bags if you have any.
  2. Will you please send me your organizer? Sounds like a great idea. My email is ashleeandericswedding@yahoo.com -Ashlee
  3. Ok, thanks!! I am hoping for Feb. 14, 2015 but seeing that's Valentine's Day it may be taken but hope not! Lol...
  4. Oh I am sure, I sent you a reply email too to your account. I forgot to ask how long did it take for Mayte to contact you initially? I just emailed her about my 2015 wedding but it seems people book very fast. -Ashlee
  5. Hi, Do you mind sharing the price list that Mayte sent you? My email is: ashleeandericswedding@yahoo.com -Ashlee
  6. Hi, will you send me all of these prices via email? It won't let me open them on here. Email: avbarnes@oakland.edu Thanks, Ashlee
  7. Hi! I saw your post. Please forward me the 2013 price information for Jellyfish. My email is ashleeandericswedding@yahoo.com Thanks, Ashlee
  8. Hi! Will you send me the price information that you have on the Iberostar Grand Bavaro, especially for extras?? Email: avbarnes@oakland.edu Thanks, Ashlee
  9. Hi! I am interested in JellyFish for my wedding and reception. Will you send me your package information from last year via email if you still have it? I am waiting on a reply. Thanks, Ashlee email: avbarnes@oakland.edu
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