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  1. How much did u end up paying for the pool side reception? What was included? Did u have DJ included? How was your cake? Plz share pics as well. Thanks ????
  2. My sister went down there last November and she said it was cool. 70's temp. Chilly at times.
  3. 😠yeah. I don't understand either...... Did u make a formal complain? Did anyone care enough to "make things right"?
  4. Wiw . Wow! Sorry to hear all that. Do you think that maybe she forgot all about your wedding time and she got it all mixed up? How was the rest of your wedding? Dinner times and extras. I would be so pist off too. You wait all year for this day. I feel u. When you get a chance.
  5. I'm a little bit confused..... You were allowed to use a local photographer?? Looks like u had "photos in Cancun"????
  6. Congratzzzz! Nice pics! What wedding package did u have? How did the wedding process go for you? Was everything as u had planned??? What other extras did u pay for?
  7. Thanks for all the info. Did the reception include dinner also or just open bar??? Glad all went well. Can't wait to see your pictures! Did you get video also?
  8. Wow! Congratzzzz!!! Can u post pics? Or plz send me link via email. alijuanpa@gmail.com Which pool was your reception? How much did they end up charging? Which wedding package did u have? I have the romance extravaganza but not sure if there's an additional pool side set up fee. Did you have your cake at the reception? Did you use the on site photo/video? I think they changed their name now to TROPIC ONE STUDIO. Do u have their pricing info? Details. Details plz. Lol sorry for all the questions.
  9. There's jacuzzi's???😳 I've been trying to figure out if they have jacuzzi rooms. Which room offers it???
  10. We are getting married Sat 05/24/2014 Tulum Gazebo 4pm. Anyone else? I'm exploring photo/video options.
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