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  1. I don't have near enough posts to open the templates. Would someone please email to me at bghbasket@yahoo.com. I am so anxious to see them and wish I could open them! Thank you so much!
  2. I would love the template too if someone will email: bghbasket@yahoo.com Thanks! :-)
  3. bghbasket

    Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril

    Thanks for he replies! Since my daughter's wedding is in June, she should be contacted Sophia soon. She has not had contact with her yet. I think right now she is thinking about going with the reception provided in her package at the steakhouse, but she would like to have some sort of reception later with dancing and possibly a DJ. but thought the price was pretty steep since it was per hour. Do you know of anyone who has done dancing with their own taped music through speakers, etc. She had thought about renting a tent and dance floor on the beach...not sure if that is an option. I am surprised that the chair covers, bows, etc. are extra as my son got married in Cancun and those were all included in their package. Seems like everything is an additional charge. I am interested to know what the chairs would look like without covers? Can you get white? Also wondering if the bouquets included in the packages are pretty or if they need to be upgraded also. So wish they had pictures of flowers, cakes, arch, chairs, etc. It would make it so much easier. If anyone has access to any pics of weddings here, we would so appreciate seeing! I look forward to hearing about your weddings! :-)
  4. FINALLY! My daughter is getting married J ne 12, 2014 and I don't seem to see many brides on this site who are having their wedding at that resort! Any other Riu Palace TB brides, we would appreciate any conversation with you.! I am interested in any brides with pictures from their weddings My daughter is getting the Caprice package because we are expecting quite a few guests, but there still seems to be a charge for every little thing. She just booked the resort about a month ago so anyone who is also having their wedding their, I would love to hear from you to know what you are planning.
  5. bghbasket

    My Riu Palace Tropical Bay Review

    I would LOVE to see pics and reviews as well. I haven't been able to open anything either. My daughter has booked this resort for her wedding on June 12, 2014 on the beach. Is the arch the only option for decor and do they decorate it? Also, I have heard that they provide chairs but you have to pay extra for covers/bows. What are the chairs like if you don't cover them. Any info would be SO appreciated! We have so many questions! My email is bghbasket@yahoo.com.
  6. bghbasket

    Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril

    Well, this certainly isn't easing for my mind! In other words, my hesitations are for real. If there is anyone who has had their wedding here, please post! My daughter and her fiance and his family have booked...they are the only ones so far. I am not sure how costly it would be to change at this point. Did your post mean that you WILL be going to the Riu in December as one of the resorts to view, or not? I believe our travel agent had been at the resort before, but don't know that she has had a wedding here before. You are right, my daughter and fiance mainly picked Negrl because of the beach. I can't seem to find the Riu Palace Tropical Bay on the review pages either and anything I find seems to be from quite some time ago. Again, I would love to hear from anyone who has had their wedding at the Riu Palace or if they are further in to planning than we are. Thanks in advance!
  7. My daughter has booked the Riu Palace Tropical Bay resort in Negril for June 12, 2014. We booked the resort at the recommendation of a local travel agent. In reading through this site, I am not seeing a lot of information on this resort. We would be very interested in hearing from brides who have had their weddings there or who have them booked for an upcoming wedding. It is so scary when you are booking something, sight unseen! Any inside information, photos, etc. would be greatly appreciated. She has booked her wedding for 4:00 on the beach. Since she is expecting a large number of people, she booked the caprice package (the highest wedding package) but it looks like you still pay extra for many things! Anyone who has had experience with this resort, we would love to hear from you! I have also read where this resort has a new wedding planner and since then, prices have gone up. We are also interested to know if anyone has used the resort photographer and what people have done for their reception and/or dance. When I search this site and don't see much about this resort in particular, it scares me! Help! Worried mom!
  8. My daughter just booked the Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril for her wedding next June 12th at the recommendation of a travel agent. I am helping her research and am finding it a little tough to find much about this particular resort. She has not yet been in contact with the wedding consultant at the resort since there are no guests booked yet, but is it true that they have a new person and prices have increased since she came? My daughter may have as many as 60-70 people so she thought it best to book the Caprice package. Even after booking the highest package, I am surprised at all the 'extras' and feel like there is a charge for every little thing. I know there is a $12 chair cover charge and was surprised by that. (My son got married in Cancun and the chairs were covered and decorated beautifully for no extra charge) If you do not purchase to rent chair covers, do the chairs look ok just plain? Are they plastic....wooden? We also have questions on what type of receptions others have had and what was included and what you paid extra for. ANY information and pictures would be appreciated so much! Right not she is booked for a beach wedding but from what I have seen the arch they use is pretty plain. Do they decorate at all or is that up to you. Also, have any of you used a different photographer and did you have to pay the vendor fee if you did? After looking at the online pics from the resort, they weren't real impressive. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who used the resort photographer. My daughter's future MIL works for a florist and she would love to arrange flowers herself and wondered about purchasing loose flowers, not arranged, from a local florist. Has anyone else purchased the Caprice package? We would love to hear from anyone who has gotten married at the RPTB or if you have been working with the resort wedding consultant on an upcoming wedding. Thank you!
  9. May daughter is getting married here and has just booked for June, 2014. I would appreciate hearing from any brides who have had their weddings here or are planning to in the future. Interested in hearing what packages you went with, if you did the additions such as DJ, private reception, etc. Also am interested to know what type of photography is available and if it is costly. I am not finding many pictures on the website so would love to see pictures of any weddings that have been held here. I am a very visual person and they don't have many 'visuals' for their weddings on the website. Thanks in advance!