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  1. Has anyone had/or is planning a Cuba wedding? I'm having a hard time finding forum information. I just looked at the pre-owned wedding dress site too...great idea! I'm near Toronto... Thanks!!
  2. Research Xel-Ha...it's an expensive day! I think it was close to $100 years ago. Tip: They only allow 'environmentally water safe' sunscreens, so they don't put chemicals near/in the water. You can buy them in their lobby for like $20 a bottle, but you can get them here (Canada), I forget what it's actually called. They will check your bag and take it if it's not up to par. Look into that. STD- hmmm..I was going to send mine in December...I think September might be a bit soon (you sound excited! lol). I'll bet there are you tube videos of Xel Ha, so you know what you are getting into. I snorkelled for I bet 6 hours that day. It's ++$$ for scuba etc.
  3. Thanks Ana, yes,...that's helpful. I'm guessing only about 15-20 guests for me. I never thought of allocating a different account for savings (duh) I'll start that ASAP. And maybe I will consider a second part time job. (I'm already a parent/work full time/go to school). So I have to watch the burn out. If anything, I'm going to go on a mission to have the cheapest, most amazing wedding ever then post all about it here! Motivation? Yes! I'm older too (37), so realism of life has really set in. Affordability is first and foremost. When I travel now, I usually do it for $600-$700 all inclusive - including flight from Toronto. So paying these prices booking ahead is painful. I'm a super duper discount traveller, and I really stress about my guests paying so much to attend my wedding. Thanks again
  4. I agree, I'm totally freaked out reading this post. I'm wondering if I live in a bubble? I totally was thinking I could do the whole thing for 5 grand. I know I can get our all inclusive week (7 days) for about $2200 for both of us. Then pay $1000 for a basic wedding package. Add a dress, small items and a few extras. I'm getting married at home first (justice of the peace) I can't handle the stress of paperwork. I'm looking at Cuba - the prices are 1/4 of other countries. I realize there is little, if any info on Cuba weddings here, ......but I'm banking on my bubble being real! Pun intended. What I'm curious about...how on EARTH to people afford this? What do people do for jobs? I just don't get it. I don't want any debt. We don't have any family pitching in for costs. Is everyone just OK with paying this off for years and years? If I can't pay for it all upfront I won't do it. Sigh. Feeling kinda sad now......I thought a Destination Wedding was the cheaper way to go. Perhaps I was wrong...
  5. My sister in law got married at Akumal - they loved it. I wasn't able to go (too costly at the time), but they went back a year later just because they loved the resort so much and are going again! I went to this resort about 5 years ago and stayed on the Tulum side, and it was definitely one of my favourite places. I found it a great location to go off resort too, to see some local thing and check out Playa Del Carmen. I highly recommend a day trip to Xel Ha if you can! I bought the all inclusive day pass - includes food and drinks. I'm also doing a wedding in Nov 2014, I just don't know where or when yet. I'm mostly basing it on price quotes I'm getting back. Goodluck!
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, and have an even lower budget. I would like a week for about $1200 per person, all inclusive. I know this is possible out of Toronto. It just won't be a higher end resort. I've gotten a few quotes back between $1100-$1700. It's all over the map. I definitely need an agent to help me out. Cuba is my first choice, I'm having a hard time finding much information though. I swear I've put 100 hours of research into it already. Trip Advisor has been super helpful. They have a weddings section. I know additional costs for a wedding will be added, but I think $1200 for each guest can be done! Off season of course. Best of Luck!
  7. Hi there, I work with a girl who was recently at a wedding at this resort. It was a fairly large, fancy wedding and she said it went really well, and they had a great time. I don't know a lot of details, I just know she said to me she would recommend it, and suggested I look into it as well during my planning.....Goodluck!
  8. Hi there, Just learning to navigate this site, I thought I posted in Newbies already but I cannot find it. There is a wealth of information here, if not overwhelming initially. I'm sure it will take a while but I'm so excited I found it. Is there a Canadian section on this website - I couldn't find much information on Cuba weddings, although I haven't nailed it down to where, Cuba is just so so much cheaper than any quotes I've gotten. However, I think this site may help me to find the most affordable area. I had chosen Punta Cana but couldn't get a quote for under $1200 a person. Mexico isn't off the radar yet either. Anyhow, nice meet whomever reads this! I'll be in touch. Travelluvr
  9. Hi there, so happy to have found this website! Google search rocks. I'm in Ontario, Canada. Starting the investigation portion of this wedding planning thing. Oh my. I'm looking for a very no frills, cheap wedding, will do the JP at home to save on paperwork hassles. I'm thinking Mexico or Cuba - are there any Cuba forums on here? I wasn't sure if this was an American driven site or not? Cuba is by far my fave country, and definitely the cheapest in terms of the price quotes I've gotten so far. I also need to find cheap dress sites, ...and the list goes on! Thanks everyone.
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