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  1. Could you please send it to me ? gabbabb14@@gmail.com My wedding is in 3 months, so the new prices will be extremely helpful!
  2. Hi ladies I am in the process of making the key holders and I just wanted to check and make sure that you all didn't have any trouble with the keys not fitting in the holders? My mom thought they looked awful small so I thought I would ask if you all had problems with the size or if keys fit perfectly in them? thanks!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by blueskadoobob You should try contacting the "groups" department or go through a travel agent. When I was talking directly to the hotels, none of the romance departments were interested in helping me, since our wedding is off-site, but the groups peopel were helpful. I would hope that the groups department has similar rates as romance. Yes definitely contact a travel agent. We were able to get a resorts group rates that way and saved a ton of money.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Skilla37 Does anyone have a contact for the groups department and Hair salon at Melia? Has anyone ever used the hair salon there? I'd prefer to use someone else, but can't pay the vendor fees.. So unless we can all get ready at the Jellyfish might be my only option? Thank you! Sorry do not have the contact info, we are also staying at the melia but decided to get ready at Jellyfish to avoid all vendor fees.
  5. Could you send me the bank account info please? I have had trouble getting a hold of Mayte the last few weeks and would really like to send my deposit.
  6. Do either of you have the bank information? I have been waiting on it for 2 weeks and am really wanting to make my deposit.
  7. Did anyone send out information to their guests before they put down a deposit? I am really needing to send out information to guests about travel and dates but am worried because I haven't actually sent a deposit. I requested the bank info a week or so ago and haven't heard anything. It is hard trusting that my date is secure when there hasn't been any money exchanged.
  8. Hi I read earlier where you had your travel agent secure a group rate for NOW. Did they happen to tell you how many room you needed for the group rate? We are having a small wedding and our travel agent said she thought you had to have 7 rooms but I haven't heard back yet.
  9. Oh yes could you please send it to me! gabbabb14@gmail.com Once again your pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait for my wedding next July with photosouvenir.
  10. Thank you so much this is very helpful! I was thinking of doing the AMEX for just the wedding and then cutting it up. That seems like an easy option.
  11. Question for you ladies. Out of all of our guests going we only have one guest who will be under 18, she will be 17. Is it possible to just book her as an adult? She will be staying with her parents, but the issue is that all of our guests are doing the preferred side so I wouldn't want my aunt and them to have to stay far away from us. When checking in do they check id's or anything like that or is it something we could easily get away with? She turns 18 the week after we leave punta cana.
  12. Going off of what everyone else has asked about music. Did anyone book the DJ and have him play mostly country music? We are having a really small group like 20 people. We all love country music, and it would probably make sense to do the music myself but I really don't have anyone to MC or keep the music going or change it if necessary.
  13. Did any brides give Mayte a budget? I am having a really small wedding, 20 guests. I was planning on asking her if we could stay around a certain $ amount for decor. Also did anyone do a custom bar option, or is that even doable? Our guests are strictly wine and beer drinkers so I didn't know if there is an option to do just serve beer, wine, water and soft drinks all night?
  14. I have been going over the budget with my family, and was wondering if anyone knows the reason why AMEX is the only card that can be used without limit? My parents personally do not fill comfortable bringing 10,000 in cash with them and neither have an AMEX card. Did any one wire more funds after their initial deposit was confirmed? I am just trying to figure out what options we have. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Can't wait to read your review! I feel like there are so many questions I should be asking Mayte to prep for my day, but I really can't think of any.
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