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  1. Hi ladies, To any past brides that had your reception on the beach terrace, how was it?!?! I requested the Olympus Terrace but it is not available. Just wondering if we should go with the beach terrace by default or pay the $1000 fee for a ballroom?? Amy
  2. @luza87, You looked amazing! Beautiful dress! Very similar to mine! I am waiting for it to come in from CC Boutique! I can't wait! And your wedding looked like it was so much fun!
  3. Thank you Kelly for your review! I'm definitely putting your negotiating tip to use! I have read in the past that the in-house photography/videography service waives the tax fee if paid in cash.. I emailed Marisol to see if they are still honoring that deal. I also have a question about the buffet? Did they allow you to swap out certain things on the buffet options? If so, did they charge you? Amy
  4. Thank you angelnjewels! That's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure!
  5. Hi Bride buddies! Question: Is Royal Service different from The Reserve???
  6. Thanks angelnjewels! Good question, because we have chosen the Chill Out Chic package, and that is exactly what I was thinking of doing. I love orchids and I would like my colors to be different shades of purple.. Something like this: I haven't contacted Lara yet to ask about the decor options, but seeing as to how every thing costs extra, I'm sure it will be an up-charge. I can email her and ask her and let you know once I've found out! Amy
  7. Hi Ladies! I am a newbie to this forum and a future PPR Bride. Our wedding is on May 10, 2014, and I am so grateful I came across this thread! I literally was on my computer for hours last night reading all of your posts! You ladies are so helpful and I am happy to know that I have fellow bride gals out there to talk to and a great support system for any wedding issues to come! Looking forward to learning and sharing more wedding stuff with you all! )) Amy
  8. Congrats Kelly! I am a future PPE Bride and new to this forum, but can't wait to hear your reviews and see your pics of your wonderful wedding!!! Have a great time!!! Amy
  9. Hi Ladies! I am a future PPR and our wedding is May 10th, 2014!!! I am a newbie to this thread and have literally been sitting on my computer for hours reading all of your posts! I absolutely love all the feedback and how supportive everyone is with each other! I have learned a lot from you ladies already and have also gotten a lot of answers to some of the questions that have been simmering in my brain! I am so grateful I came across this site and have fellow bride gals to talk to, and happy to know there is a support system to help me get through all the wedding planning! Looking forward to sharing more wedding experience with all of you! )) Amy
  10. Wedding Decor Vendor @ Paradisus Palma Real

    Pros: Thorough, Organized, Easy to work with, Good attention to detail, Easy communication
    Cons: Floral gazebo decor missing (only con)
    Caribbean Celebrations was a great decor vendor for our destination wedding. They were very easy to work with and very thorough with all of the details for the decor of our whole wedding. Everything came out exactly how we planned and it was very beautiful. The floral gazebo decor was missing for the ceremony, but I did not notice until after it was over. Although it was missing, they credited the money back with no problem. Because of rain earlier in the day, they moved our reception inside to
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