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  1. Same boat literally almost vomited putting the deposit down at the Valentin this morning....
  2. I called a few places and they told me to play it safe early September was the mutual answer and I am a 6-30-14 wedding....
  3. I am not getting married in the Dominican but we are using a travel agent for Riveria Maya and ours is literally amazing! I worked really hard with her for 4 weeks before I released all the info she is taking payments anyway people want to they never have to even meet her if they don't want to she is super responsive with emails she works with the wedding coordinator and myself to keep it all straight. I have to say I lucked out I found a travel agency where all this lady does is book destination weddings so she knows her stuff she's been to 40-50 resorts just to view them for brides and will even arrange a meeting of a bride she had get married at your resort so you can talk to them see their pictures etc. I would take advantage of one if you know they know their stuff. I think it helps especially with channeling questions you aren't going to know everything and you will then have to find the answer where as if you set up an email group they email her and we all get the answer and it is probably a lot faster response time then how long it would take you to find the answer! I heard it both ways but I am truly loving having one Happy planning!
  4. Also try www.cheaptotes.com they're super inexpensive thata for my welcome bags I did my bridesmaid totes on www.vistaprint.com different style and durability
  5. Yes they have different sizes and options so cute!
  6. Wish my group was on top of things like I am! Luckily our airline schedule was out for 6/28-7/5 next year
  7. I just got $70 dollars of stuff for $17 off groupon for vista print and if you need totes for bridesmaid gifts the more you buy the cheaper they are so you can get them for almost nothing!
  8. If anyone is looking for vista print on groupon you can get $70 dollars worth of stuff for $17 dollars
  9. Me too! Slowly but surely trying to get there
  10. If you watch groupon you can get $70 dollars worth of stuff for $17 and then get the big canvas totes personalized for almost nothing it just comes down to what you want to put into them. I am having a hard time with this step...
  11. Thanks for the help! I wasn't able to see a lot because of the posts and it would take days to hit every forum...
  12. We are only doing save the dates for DW the at home thing just doing invites 3-4 months in advance since its more casual and not a whole afternoon thing it's still far enough out to get a good response
  13. Is it acceptable to do a candy bar or ice cream even a popcorn bar as the favor instead of something to take home I feel like we threw half our favors away once we were in the car trying to avoid that and be more practical
  14. Haha thanks sometimes I feel like you have to post to post so you can't justify it! Over analyzer for sure...
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