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  1. How was the weather?? I'm getting married November of next year & I'm so afraid of rain!! I hope you had a beautiful wedding!!
  2. Has anyone hired a different videograher than the one offered by Las Caletas? Just wondering what other options are out there... I'm pretty certain I'm using Photoshoot Vallarta but their video prices are kinda steep =/ I'm wondering what the biggest differences are? Can a past bride please upload a clip of their video & credit who they used? Pretty please?
  3. Also, how was the food?? I've been hoping somebody would post pics of the food! =) And what types of mixed drinks did they offer? Dennise mentioned a rum punch & sangria...I would like to make a bride & groom signature drink! =) Your pics are just too faBulous! Can't stop looking at them all!
  4. Lianne, I see you used petals for your ceremony decor on the aisle... Do you recall how many bags you purchased for $25ea. I'm confused as to how many I'll need. I'm having 50 guests & I want to make petal cones for them to toss on us but also want to use them predominantly on the aisle & on all my dinner tables. ( I'm choosing not to go with floral centerpieces because although beautiful, they seem like a waste since dinner is only an hour.) I ordered 25 bags on my contract $500 bucks in petals... Eeekk!! But I'm happy our deposit has been made & our date is set for Saturday 11/15/2014 yayyyy!!
  5. Lala your pics are amazing!! Did you get the Andale package? Are you having a 2nd shooter? I'm so torn on whether or not a 2nd shooter is necessary. : /
  6. I plan on bringing my own fire sky lanterns & sparklers... Did anyone have a hard time flying with them? I also want to give my fiancé a valuable gift on our wedding day but I've read some reviews about having a hard time bringing things back thru customs? Anybody experience this?
  7. Thank you so much brides for all the helpful feedback... I'm definitely leaning towards photoshoots Vallarta! You all look gorgeous in your pics on your wedding day!
  8. Has any bride who stayed at the Barcelo hotel resort used their hair/makeup services for their bridal party? Since Las Caletas only allows 5 girls max (including bride) to go early I have about an additional 6 girls that will need to get ready at the hotel? Any advice?
  9. I'm also having a hard time finding a photographer... Not sure if I want to use the one offered at las Caletas. I looked into photoshoots Vallarta & License to still... And not really sold on either one. Has anybody used another dw photographer or a local photographer to PV?
  10. For all brides who have gotten married at las caletas in Mid November can you please tell me what the weather was like & if it was humid (worried about my hair & makeup) or cold at night? Thanks brides!!
  11. Hi my fellow fab Las Caletas brides!! I have gone thru so many of the wonderful reviews and I'm so excited about booking this coming week for Nov 2014. I'm just waiting to hear back from Dennise regarding a few questions I have before booking. I'm also going thru a travel agent for all my guests... Approx 40 adults & 10 kids. We're staying at Barcelo. Just a question to past brides... I'm very specific in the details I want for my day & I'm finding that I will have to supply most of the decor. Even though it's a "beach" wedding, I don't want a beach theme. : / I'm going with Victorian opulence... Gold charger plates, crystal chandeliers, candelabras on all the tables, personalized menus etc. Not sure how easy it's going to be to bring all this stuff on the plane & boat to LC... What kind of decor are other brides going with?
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