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  1. @tcmcdonald - My FI and decided against corsages. I am going to purchase my mom and his mom some earrings from Kendra Scott instead. We were really torn on a videographer, but the fact that we weren't happy with the ones the resort offered and aren't willing to shell out another $800, we just aren't going to do it. I'm really happy with the photographer we chose, we aren't huge video people anyway, so I'm good with our decision. I'm getting ready to pay our final payment to Karisma. I didn't realize they charged just for using white sheers. And $100 per white sheer... Talk about nickle and diming. The thought crossed my mind to bring our own, but I don't know if I want to deal with that either. What is everyone else doing regarding sheers?
  2. @@talicea7812 - If my WC gives me pushback on Blue Terrace, I'll definitely ask about the Chil. I'll be digging my heels in if they try to move us inside the restaurant. Who is your WC? @@girlinthecity97 - I like your thinking! I was contemplating some flowers on the altar, but it kills me to give Lomas anymore money than I have to. I saw some cool photos on Pinterest of some beach weddings where they tied ribbons along the backs of the chairs just on the last row. I thought it'd look pretty in the breeze and not too over the top. However, I'm scared to know how much the resort might charge to tie the ribbons on... I hate the unknown of decor setup. i know you all have discussed it before. I know if I mention it to my WC now, she'll saw oh, that's so many hundreds of dollars for setup, but other brides seem to showup and the WC don't bat an eye and setup everything for free.
  3. @talicea7812: I have to say, one of the most frustrating parts about a destination wedding is getting people to commit! I have one more couple is up in the air, but we only have 10 days until our block of rooms expires. I didn't even know the Chil Terrace was an option for receptions. What is the seating capacity for that place with room for a dance floor? It looks like a beautiful venue, as well! I'm definitely on the same page as you about a reception venue. I don't want two completely outdoor settings (beach and beach) where we have to worry about weather and relocation. @girlinthecity97: Thanks for your input! My travel agent just told me the same thing - to keep it if the resort will let me with that minimum. I'm hoping the fact that we're getting married on a random Tuesday helps, so they have nothing else going on Anyone have input on what they did/are doing for ceremony decor? I keep leaning towards less is better to allow the beauty of the beach come through, but at the same time feel weird not doing anything at all. I'm torn!
  4. Hey girls! I'm getting married at Azul Beach April 29. I wanted to get your opinions on reception areas. We originally thought we'd have 35 guests and I actually got approval from the hotel to use Blue Terrace, despite their restrictions on numbers of guests. However, since then, we are down to 29 - possibly might be 31. I'm not sure if they'll allow us to stay at Blue Terrace and I also don't know how vacant the area will be with this many people. My fiance I loved the balance that Blue Terrace has - you're outside, but still covered. We don't want to travel all the way to Mexico to have our reception indoors. However, we don't like the idea of a beach reception. Where are others having their reception that are in the 30-ish guest range? I don't know if the Wave Lounge would accomodate this many for dinner and dancing, or if that's even an option. We are just using a speaker for our iPod, so don't need to worry about room for a DJ. Thank you in advance!
  5. Anne - Sorry to hear about your frustrations! Anything inparticular that they're being sticklers on? We're using an outside vendor for our photography. Thankfully, our photographer discounted our price a little to help us with the fee, but that fee is extremely ridiculous in my opinion.
  6. Allie - I looked at your photos and everything was beautiful! Love your meal indicator cards as well. We decided to do the pick and choose dinner as well with the mahi-mahi and filet mignon as options. I emailed the WC today to let her know what we selected for the app, main courses, and dessert, but it's been crickets on her end lately! She was actually really good about responding early on, but recently her response time is taking forever. Frustrating. I asked if they could do churros for our dessert, even though they're only offered on the Mexican Buffet dinner, so we'll see what they say. Thanks again for your help!!
  7. Thanks Allie! This was extremely helpful!! I really like the idea of the pick and choose menu. As far as the invitations went, did you last the surf & turf, pork, and pasta option all on there? Then I've been told by the hotel that I'll need to have some sort of meal indicator per guest so the servers know what to give them. Say you had 1 check for pasta and 1 check for the surf & turf on your RSVP- How did you know who wanted what on the RSVP? Sounds like they didn't give you too hard of a time picking some things off of the pick and choose lunch menu vs. dinner menu? Thank you again for the reply!
  8. Can past/future brides comment on what they have made for menu selections? Did you give your guests options or just choose one dish for everyone? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone used the Blue Restaurant for their reception? I'd love to use the Terrace, but our guest count isn't going to quite reach 50 people. We'll likely be more in the 30's.
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