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  1. Hello brides-to-be! As mentioned a few months back I am flying in a photographer who I originally booked in Punta Cana. If anyone is still looking for a photographer and getting married around the same time (May 5th is our date). We could split the cost of the photographers trip and save a ton. His prices are real good and his work is amazing. If anyone is interested PM me for details. I had a few people interested but their dates were too far away. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy planning!
  2. Hey ladies, Have any of you been to the resort? We are having our reception at the Palmaras grill and I am wondering if we need a dance floor or not. I'm hoping the floor is alright to dance on so we don't have to spend the money but I have no idea since I have never been there! Thanks:)
  3. For those of you booking rooms for photographers rather than pay the vendor fee, does anyone know if I were to book him at a sister resort do I have to pay a pass for him to come over the day of the wedding?
  4. thanks for your response! I was planning the surf and turf and the coconut cake as well which I upgraded to 2 layers which will probably be way too much! I'm glad to hear everyone liked it! Pics was between the lobster bisque and French onion. Did you do apps/ cocktail hour?
  5. Past brides, I chose the strawberry package and now deciding on the menu. Does anyone have suggestions? We were thinking of going with the shrimp and avocado salad, French onion soup, surf and turf and chocolate mousse. Also any recommendations on the cake?! Thanks in advance!
  6. After reading this I immediately called my TA since I already paid a photographer from out of the country and his room/flight. This is not true she said as long as they stay at the Barcelo for 2 nights the 500 fee is not necessary however if you get a videographer from Mexico you have to pay that. Hope this eases your mind. I spoke with Claudia she is the wedding manager so she would know
  7. Happy Friday! I have to select the live music for the ceremony. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. My wedding is May 5th at 6:00 in the gazebo. Around 60 guests? Maye more maybe less who knows!
  9. I am trying to decide on my reception area it is between coco pool and the Palmeras grill. I have never been so would love suggestions?!
  10. Hello brides-to-be! I'm not sure if any of you are still looking for a TA. I was hesitant about using one at first and now so happy I did. Her name is Lindsey ahe is from Tropics Travel. If anyone is interested PM me and I will give you her info. I can't say enough about her she calls me and checks in, got us low prices, keeping a spread sheet of guests rooms and flights, setting up private transportation AND she is offering to help out with shower ideas and my honey moon which I did not even book through her! Honestly she's amazing, if anyone is looking for a travel agent she is worth looking into! Hope everyone's planning is going well
  11. Mel Mellie, how far in advance do you have to ask to block off an area at the buffet? That is perfect just to get everyone together and to hand out bags! Do they charge extra for this?
  12. Can anyone tell me if a welcome dinner is included or do we have to pay extra?
  13. I'm not sure how far cancun or any of the down town shops are but I plan on going a few days early and hitting up the shops for the same studd. If there isn't something in the Barcelo you can jump on a shuttle for pretty cheap.
  14. Hello ladies, I wanted to throw an idea out there and if anyone is interested let me know! I originally had my wedding booked for Punta Cana but due to soo many people becoming sick (violently ill) I changed my destination to Mexico. I fell in love with a photographers work from there and was pretty disappointed that I would have to find someone else, especially realizing how much more photographers costs in Mexico. Anyway, rather than rambling on, I'll get to my point......I contacted the photographer from the DR and I am going to fly him in and have him stay as a guest. Amazing is an understatement for his work and his prices are very reasonable ($2,100 for 12 hours over 700 pics, $2,600 including TTD). I found these prices to be great especially for his work! My thought was if anyone had a wedding the same week as mine (May 5th) they could book him as well and we could even split the cost of having him come to Mexico, it would probably end up costing less than the $500 vendor fee! Pm me if your interested and I'll give his info/ page to check out his work.
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