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  1. Hi, my fiancé and I have booked the Grand sunset Princess for our wedding April 2014, Our WC has sent over some options for the Dinner part of the wedding. We cant decide on which one to choose, I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of what the miso, the fondue and the steakhouse restaurants looked like? (wedding setup) or suggestions? I have seen pictures of the chairs at the steakhouse and it looked like they had cow printed seats? im not liking that at all, my fiancé has said that the steakhouse is the way to go because usually everyone is pleased with the food. but honestly the menu doesn't seem that exciting, and I don't believe everyone would enjoy a T-bone steak LOL Also does anyone know if they also offer vegetarian meals on top of the set menu? We are also planning a beach reception after the dinner, I realized after that you don't really get much of a reception with just the royalty package. and for $100.00 per person to have dinner on the beach seems a bit much. Our good friend who is a DJ will be the MC and taking care of the music, but I was wondering if anyone has had a beach reception and had any pointers? im a little concerned that it will be really dark, do they set up a decent amount of lighting? and were there any issues with the set up of the stereo system? Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. Hi I was wondering how you were able to book your wedding for May 1st? I tried to book that date as well, and was told that May 1st is a holiday and that no weddings were to be booked on that day? Did they mention that to you at all? We have now booked for April 30th 2014 at the Riviera Gazebo. Happy Planning!