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  1. Hi Laurie It's the same email that you would have started using for Marlene. bavaro.bodas@barcelo.com. I really don't know who the best WC would be. Maybe another bride can suggest one. My TA didn't have much advice for me because she has only worked with Marlene. But that I can change WC if I wasn't happy, so I will do that. Good luck Marcell
  2. There are a few shipping companies in the Philadelphia area that ship directly to DR. It cost between $60-70 for a big box depending on weight and $100 for a drum. It does take a few days to get there though. If you live near a hispanic community, there might be something similar. If not, then now you have a ball park figure of how much it might cost to ship to DR.
  3. Hi Sagesma, Congratulations on your wedding! I don't like the centerpieces either but at $50 per table to upgrade, I think I'm going to keep them. Anyways.... Marlene was also my WC until I called the resort today and learned that she no longer works there. She was taking forever to reply to my email so I wanted to get on skype to track her down. If you haven't been notified, I suggest you email to get your WC replaced and get back in track. i'm sorry for the sad news, I was so upset... Good luck with your dress shopping!!
  4. I think the pre-RSVP would be a great idea. I just asked people to get an idea of how many people would attend the wedding. In my case, I invited family with children and a family member who is on a wheelchair so I needed to choose a hotel that would accommodate them. I continued to talk to people about the DW after I learned about the deposit so that when it was time to confirm, they already knew what to do.
  5. My wedding is on July 2014 and I already have 61 people confirmed. They put down a room deposit so if they back out 3 months before the wedding, they loose their deposit, not me. I ordered save the date magnets and will send them soon to keep people excited about our wedding. The hotel is usually sold out for the July 4th weekend so I need to have everyone fully booked 4-6 months before my wedding. So I think if you send at least save the date's now, people will have time to plan accordingly, check out flights, straighten things out with their employer and such. It will also give you more time to budget accordingly.
  6. Het, They do offer these colors. I asked my WC for their colors a few weeks ago, you may want to do the same. I tried to upload the pdf but it was the wrong file type. I booked the tangerine package and I'm not 100% sure if the colors options are the same.
  7. soloparatijc, I wish you the very best of lucks possible!!
  8. PinkSolaire

    Any 2014 dominican brides getting married in MX

    Hi happywife. I'm also Dominican but I'm getting married in Punta Cana. MX was my second choice but I decided not to push it since many of my family members have never been to Punta Cana to begin with. I wish you the best of luck nonetheless!