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  1. I am with you on this, I know some people plan large group excursions on catamarans that leave from the resort or day trips to Talum, but before my wedding I plan on staying on site the two days leading up to it( though maybe a catamaran ride would be relaxing and helpful?) and then I will go on trips outside of the resort i think after and see the ruins and such. That said I plan on having my own time to relax and de-stress and want to maybe create an itinerary for guests in their welcome bag to let them know where we will be at times if they want to say hello. I have 40-50 guests coming so some of them I will see very little I imagine.
  2. Hey everyone, thanks for the info so far. For those of you planning for april-june ish, where are you in your planning and what have you been able to discuss with your coordinator? My coordinator is Elsa and beyond choosing the date, wedding package, location and reception options we have yet to really dive into planning. I have gotten a wedding checklist from her (not sure when that needs to be returned??) also I have gotten one catalog with extra products and services, though is not super thorough. What do you guys have locked down so far, just trying to see where I am at. Also whats the deal with the wedding base-camp exactly? Thanks for all your help, I am absolutely not the best when it comes to this stuff and can be a bit timid and indecisive...lol it sucks Any tips are welcome:) Heather
  3. Hi all! I just got our travel info and wedding date today! May 21st 2014. On the wedding packages it shows a max of 35 people but we were never told this and more than 35 invites have gone out. Is this a strict restiction? or is it more like you pay more for over 35? any info welcome
  4. not sure when in 2014 depends on location if its west coast mexico then aug or sept but if east coast it would be more like april or may due to hurricane season...but wondering if its enough time
  5. hey there, I am seeing lots of people having weddings in june, sept etc. Hurricane season is june-nov right? Anyone been married during that time and had a problem? I want my wedding to be more around aug-sept 2014 but would hate to have to move it indoors any feedback welcome Heather
  6. Hi everyone, I am newly engaged and looking for venues in cabo and it seems like dreams is an amazing place to get married. Just a few questions for you girls that have already done some planning. I was looking at the packages and I would either choose the love or ultimate, however I will not need hair or makeup and would like to bring my own DJ are there ways to pick and choose to reduce cost or would I need to choose the lower package and add on certain things. I want certain things like complimentary champagne for whatever the max is for the ultimate wedding as well as the gold menu and centerpieces for tables that arent in the more basic package. Experiences with dreams please share thanks wedding newb for aug-sept 2014 Heather
  7. Hello ladies, getting married next summer or early fall we think west coast mexico for cost purposes for family though we will look into east coast as well. Just got engaged five days ago so excited. Any tips for just starting out or for mexico specific welcome So excited, but lots to do and I dont know how a lot of this works yet Happy to be a part of this forum I can tell it is really going to help me get the hang of this hope to chat with some of you soon Heather
  8. I would love to hear what Dreams sent you, I am just at the beginning of my search for a photographer Thank you Heather
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