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  1. Can anyone send it to me too pleeeeease..and thank you! didi-v8@hotmail.com
  2. Oops my last post was meant for muffin...sorry
  3. Hi Tania just wondering how ur wedding went? I'm getting married there on April 11 /2014. Would like to know ur input ?
  4. Hey bridetobe2014 when in April are you getting married..I will be there the week of April 7-11/2014
  5. Hi supacrazi when r u getting married? Here's an email to their wedding coordinators asistente.bodas.melia.caribe@meliacaribetropical.com
  6. hi ladies, im getting married there on april 11, 2014, just wondering which package you chose. who's your WC and are you able to make any changes to their preset decor/theme? thanks!!
  7. Hi Ladies, Getting married at Melia on April 11, 2014....anyone else getting married at that time? Few questions for past brides: - How's the weather is like in April in DR?? - Is anyone familiar with the Tropical Hall. My reception will be held there and would like to know how its like. - I opted for the Tropical Fairy Package and i know the decor is preset, does anyone know if you are able to request your colour theme, or if this is at all possible with out any fees?? Greatly appreciate your thoughts!!!
  8. im getting married there on april 11, 2014 and have chosen the fairy tale package. have you decided?
  9. hi tania, im getting married there in april 2014 and have chosen the Fairy Tale Package. have you decided on the package?
  10. hi ladies...I'm getting married in Melia on April 11, 2014. Any of you chose the Tropical Fairy Package?
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