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  1. Here's how I tipped... (right or wrong, no idea!) Coordinator - Adriana - $150 (loved her!!) Officiant - Family Member - bought his tie Photographer - $50 (outside photographer, owned his own business but he was great) Wait Staff - none (it is already included and I didn't think they needed extra) Cocktail Hour Bartender - $25 (other guests were already tipping him extra, he was very good) Hair/Make - 15% (don't remember exact amount) Guitarist - nothing, planned to but got too busy and never saw him after the ceremony Bring $1 bills... they go a long way with the staff around th
  2. We had our pictures taken at the resort in the garden area and on the beach. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10102598287572819.1073741835.14805069&type=1&l=cada6ed89a
  3. The sports club turns into a night club at like 9:00. We had a blast there every night. They play good music and we danced until it closed several of the nights. The bartenders in there were great and shots were flowing. We had a group of 70 of us so we made sure it was a great time in there. As long as you know how to have fun then you will never be bored. We had 18-20 year olds that lived in the disco. My friends are all in their low 30s and we were there most nights. And even the rest of our group had a great time.
  4. The resort did the TTD photo shoot. I used the package included with Divine Package then paid for an outside photographer for the day of the wedding.
  5. Nothing to elaborate, but it was set up very nice. They provided the dinner menu at everyone's place setting. Plus there was champagne at each spot and our specialty drink set up at everyone spot. It added to the décor.
  6. We brought down our own center pieces, little jars with water beads and floating candles surrounded by starfish. The heaviest thing was the little jars and candles. For our decorations we bought $5 luggage from the second hand store and put all decorations in those and then just left the suitcases down there. That way we had a lot less to bring back home with us.
  7. Book spa appointments - spa1.nojrc@nowresorts.com Use this for your makeup, hair, and couples massage (if included in package)
  8. Our resort was full once people started to book. Some guests couldn't or had to arrive the day of the wedding.
  9. @@Natata I was very pleased with my hair and makeup. They don't speak much English but if you bring pictures I'm sure they can match about anything. They do hair all day long and I think they know what they are doing. Of course there will be the occasional makeup touch up to perfect it just as you like.
  10. I also used the guitarist during the ceremony, I think it was a very nice touch and made it more intimate. I received a list of songs from guitarist and this is what I chose: Prelude - guitarist choice Processional - In My Life Bride Entrance - What a Wonderful World Interlude - guitarist choice recessional - Your The Sunshine of My Life We brought our own speaker for the cocktail hour at Mix Bar because we were not paying for a speaker, etc.. from them for a crazy amount. Then they had music playing anyways for free. So if you are at Mix Bar there were speakers there already play
  11. Married in November - We used an outside photographer - Gonzalo - he was AMAZING! We used the included photographer for a Trash the Dress Shoot - we LOVED this photos! they were our favs! and it only took like 20 minutes. We did our private dinner on the beach and thought it was great, a bit windy and dark but it was the one time we were alone for dinner. We did it before everyone arrived. We ordered our champagne breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding at 9:00 am, we waited until 9:45 and left. We hated missing sun time!
  12. We were upgraded to having the preferred perks. Our room was upgraded from garden view to ocean view but not on the preferred side. We like being able to eat at Mecure and really liked the private bar and snacks. Have any past brides not been upgraded to at least have the preferred perks?
  13. I was very happy with our wedding at Now Jade but I agree the extra costs were outrageous. They just kept coming and coming. I had to do a lot of rearranging with what we wanted to make it reasonable. We bought some extra appetizers and it was not at all necessary. Our wedding was at 4:30 and I remember there being a lot of appetizers left, people were more into the drinks. I say no to extra appetizers. My paperwork stated $65 for the photographer so I told Pilar that is what I was quoted and that's what I expect to pay, she let us pay $130 for 2 photographers. We had lanterns hung
  14. Instead of extending the reception we just had a longer cocktail hour then all went to the disco after. As for the second bar, we just had the waiters bring us drinks. We had plenty to drink. They had our signature drink and a glass of champagne out at every spot when we got there for no extra charge.
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