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  1. Hi Heidi! Our wedding is 6/14/14! We will be there from the 10th! How exciting, we will probably meet there! How are your plans going?
  2. Thanks for all your stories! This is a helpful forum, has anyone traveled with AeroMexico? I wonder what their policy is...
  3. That's a good plan! I am graduating from dental school 2 weeks before our destination wedding so we decided to get married legally at the courthouse a day after our graduation, take advantage that the closest family members will be in town and have dinner at a local restaurant with a private room to celebrate our legal marriage..then 2 weeks later the real celebration in Mexico I would recommend vistaprint for your invitations (they always have offers), I have ordered so many things from them they should give me a huge discount you can easily create something as formal or as casual as you want. Good luck and congratulations on your wedding!!
  4. Hello June Brides! Our wedding is on June 14, we have ~40 guest already booked and are super excited as time goes by and the BIG day gets closer. I saw the OOT comments, I ordered mine from vista print, they always have offers and coupons so I recommend waiting for a free shipping offer the size and material are awesome! Im also doing the little pills/bandaids and bought hand sanitizer wipes instead of bottles for more practical packing I love the idea of "surviving a Mexican wedding'!! I might get a bunch of brochures from the airport in Cancun for information about what to do in the area I'm not sure about the excursions yet, we wanted to go out on Thursday night maybe to Coco Bongo or Mandala with some friends? Any suggestions? Happy planning and congratulations to you all!!
  5. I made a simple version of a passport and on the picture I put a picture of us, the individual bridesmaid and I. I added a cute poem/phrase I found on interest asking them to be on my side on my wedding day on the inside of the passport. I printed them on card sock paper and bought plastic passport covers from etsy with the quote "Keep Calm and Travel on" each in their favorite color. It was cute since they fit in a regular envelope. I'll post pictures as soon as I get a hold of one HAPPY PLANNING!
  6. Awesome post!! thanks for sharing! Did they charge anything for bringing your our paper lanterns? They told me they would charge a set up fee if i brought anything extra I just think it's crazy to pay $10 per each lantern with 20 minimum!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by browmegan Does anyone have a menu for the choices of appetizers,etc? Or what did you ladies use for picking your food options? Any help please Hi Browmegan! I sent you a PM with the options they gave me last May. I am also having trouble picking from their options, does anyone know how the buffet style dinner works? I have the items listed but do we get to pick one from each 'theme' option or since it's buffet, everything listed is included?
  8. Hello 2014 brides!!! Our wedding is on June14, 2014, we are having our reception inside the ballroom, thanks for the image TKennerson! Are you also having yours indoors?
  9. Hi Heidi! I just saw your post! How exciting we are getting married two days after you! We are also having the ceremony at the gazebo at 5:30. It's not very private but from what I saw last May at the site visit, people were trying to avoid walking by the gazebo during the ceremony. When is your ceremony scheduled? We need to keep in touch, I'm sure we will have questions as the time gets closer! Have you selected the ballroom yet? Feel free to message me anytime
  10. Hey Jendev! I just noticed you recently booked your date for Nov 2014, congratulations! I went on the DRC facebook page and noticed they have a special where you can get a free welcome cocktail party for up to 50 guests as long as you book your date from June 1st- July 31st, 2013. I would contact them to see if you can get it!!! I booked it exactly on June 1st, but unfortunately my wedding falls during the blackout period dates so it doesn't apply, but I don't think yours does, so hopefully you can get it it doesn't hurt to try right?
  11. cmi1205,Congratulations!!! I LOVE your pictures!! Who was your photographer? It's exciting to see a reception in one of their ballrooms, my wedding is on June 14, 2014 and chose to have the reception in the ballroom because I want a more private wedding and want it to end after midnight. Did you originally choose the ballroom or was it because of bad weather? Was the music from the Desires Bar next to the ballrooms a problem during your reception? I have so many questions to ask you, I haven't seen many people using the ballroom, or coming from Houston! I'm currently living in Dallas but have most of my guests and family coming from Houston. Do you mind sharing info on your travel arrangements? Did you use a travel agency or did you do it through the resort? Sorry for the long message I just REALLY got excited to see your pictures lol Thanks!!
  12. Hello Brides, I need your help, our wedding is on June 2014, at the Dreams Riviera Cancun. Currently we are working with a local travel agency, but we are concerned that we won't get the best price/deal. I keep looking online and there are several deals going on, for example every third night free, or every 5 rooms booked you get 1 free, those sorts of deals. The travel agency has mentioned that maybe we might get a deal like that but it is not for sure. They said they can price match packages that we find on other travel websites, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. however, they also said that it is rarely needed since they offer the best price. So now we are wondering whether or not to just deal directly with hotel, and see about getting group rates and deals, or just let the travel agency deal with it. The main reason why we chose to work with a travel agency was to make it easier for our guests to book it and also get the best deal possible. Does anybody have any advice or that has gone through this process that can advice us? Thanks very much!
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