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  1. Could you email me the pictures please? Nettie0804@yahoo.com
  2. Could you please email me pictures of dresses in size 2. Thank you! Nettie0804@yahoo.com
  3. Can you please email a picture of this dress I cannot see the photo.... Nettie0804@yahoo.com
  4. do you plan on having them soldered together? I don't want the side diamonds to be damaged from rubbing together.
  5. Just recently got engaged. Head overheels in love with my engagement ring. Cannot wait to add my wedding band
  6. Have you sold these pieces? I am trying to do the exact same look.
  7. Would like to buy these from you. I have a PayPal account, let me know how you want to proceed. Thanks!
  8. I assume your LED tea lights were sold, could you tell me where you purchused them from?
  9. I'm not sure if my pm went through. I'm looking to buy the white purse and one of the garters. Is there a difference in the two? Is the purple made of better quality or is the price difference because of the color? I have not bought anything on this site yet, so not sure how to move forward. Let me know, I do have PayPal account. Thanks!
  10. I live the above program and itinerary. Does anyone know where I can find a templet to create something similar? I am not very computer savvy and have no idea how to create one. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  11. We are getting married in May at EPM by Lenny. Could you send me the script that she sent you? I would love to read it as well.
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