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  1. @@barbiebec not a problem! We had a couple groomsmen pop in to Playa and pick up a couple bottles of hard liquor, spent less then $100USD and the hotel served it. We used their DJ, he was great! He can hook up any smart phone for your specific dance songs, other than that we asked him to play top 40 and then I requested a couple country songs and he had no issue playing them either. With that rental you get a microphone so our MC ran things like a regular wedding. Speeches, announcing first dance/ father daughter dance etc. It went really well and we were really happy. We were dancing the night away and had many people looking in the glass door and even trying to come in and join. The only downside is that there are no bathrooms directly in the Ibiza gala room. The room next door is the 24 hour sports lounge so we popped in there to use the bathrooms.... and my father in law snuck in there for hockey game highlights haha.
  2. @@barbiebec I had the Ibiza gala room, it was perfect for a private reception. The wait staff was efficient and very nice, our WC was there all night making sure everything went smoothly. We did not have decorations, but it is a neutral room (mostly cream white) so you can do a lot with it if you'd like. The far end of it is a bar where you can give them your hard liquor and they supply the pop/wine/beer. My hubby and I were really happy. Sadly, I don't really have any good photos of that room. I won't get my professional photos until July
  3. @@Lolo63 I just got back last night, Mamma Mia was my favorite of the 7 a la cartes we made it to! This resort knows how to rock out the wedding, with up to 6 a day it seemed like. I will post a review in a few days once I get settled back in to life... and start the process to change my last name of course!
  4. @@nikkicraig10 Here is the information I was emailed last July from my WC when I was deciding. Chill out party: 80 guests is the MAXIMUM capacity on the wooden deck. Chill out beach area is maximum 450 guests Beach party: from 40 to 450 guests. Gala dinner *we went with this*: Minimum 30 guests to rent a room and have this option. My understanding is there is a minimum charge for 40 guests for the chill out, so if you have 34 guests, you are paying for 6 people who don't exist. If you need more information I have a ton in emails, including packages in PDF form (mind you it is all from 2013).
  5. @@April2015 Absolutely! Thank you! I am a more boring bride due to budget.... no decorations, wedding favors, flower arrangements... but either way I shall put up photos and detail my experiences!
  6. Hi @@aborgesbride ! Well it all depends on which location you choose, I did not go with any of the restaurants or the beach party due to cost (we are on a smaller budget). We chose the Gala room which is $150USD to rent itself, and then were sent a menu list. Our menu is $57/person with a minimum of 40 persons charged ($2280USD). They will have a bartender and wine/beer/pop, we have to go pick up liquor locally. All of our quotes are from last summer, but I do not think it changes much! I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.
  7. Wow I forgot to make use of this website! Are there any early May 2014 GSP brides still checking this? I am booked for the beach gazebo at 4:00pm May 5th where you pay an additional $800 to have them set chairs up in sand. Hah... my fiancé said it was really important to him. We chose the symbolic ceremony (800$), the Ibeza (?) gala room (150$) and their DJ (650$). I hired an outside photographer, www.playaweddings.com. $3000.00USD for 7 hours of photos so we are doing a first look session prior to the ceremony. Doing my own hair and make up, heard the salon at GSP is very outdated in their styles. Due to setbacks financially we have not done any decorations.... if you want to sell your decorations to me if you will be there when we fly in the last week of April or up til May 4th please contact me! I decided to use their flowers for me and the girls since my bouquet was included in our package. Is anyone else slightly upset that if your guests are not platinum guests they cannot visit you? I have to pay for a 'pass' for my own mother to come in to the platinum suites area on the day of our wedding. Ridiculous.
  8. We are getting married May 5th 2014 at the Grand Sunset Princess. I haven't purchased any decorations due to major set backs in our budget and with our jobs. If you have any decorations in the coral area or even just a general tropical/beach theme please message me with a photo. I do not have the silly 150 posts required to view photos on here hah. Thanks in advance ladies!
  9. I am interested if you still have it. Can you message me a photo? Thanks!
  10. Hi ladies! I am ALSO getting married at the GSP! Hoping to secure May 4th 2014. I have not got in to the booking process yet, will be tonight now that we have pricing. Is anyone getting a photographer not provided by the hotel? I'm really worried about having a great photographer because the photo's mean so much to me. Cheers
  11. This is a review of:

    Grand Sunset Princess Resort

    Everyone had different experiences

    Pros: Great ceremony, reception, service
    Cons: Communication can be rough, beds were super hard
    I typed a huge review on trip advisor but cannot paste it on to here. Annoying BDW.com!   We got married May 5th at the Ocean Gazebo and had our dinner in the Ibiza gala room. Everything wedding wise went off without a hitch once we got there. Loved it! Didn't bring any decorations or pay for flowers for our reception or ceremony (just for the bridal party) and it was beautiful.   Their DJ was great, Monserrat and her team ran things smoothly all day and night and the menu we chose was tasty
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