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  1. @dewi44since thanks... I want my cuz(more like a sis) to do my make but need someone to do my hair and not sure about the spa as I have seen pic from them...
  2. @@dewi44 can you post a pic or ur FB name the link sent me to notification.. Thanks have not decided who will do my hair and wedding in 9 days!
  3. @@cocoluv how are things rapping up for u... We need to chat.. I like you feel like I am super behind! I have not order my thank you bag Yet need to get them like yesterday! Do you have someone there doing your hair and makeup? If so who? Are you doing any excursions with your guess about how many people do you have coming? I really want to do the hip hop catamaran still looking into it..
  4. I'm just seeing this... I went to CU also... What year did you go?
  5. Hello anyone with any new info for RIU my wedding is next month I still have not reach my 150... Going to have to just talk to myself until I can get the numbers!
  6. @@1BeachBride I didnt see this some how... (overworked brain)... okay so before I forget my email "theaulls07@@gmail.com next I can kick myself because I am a little late with a lot.. it was like I had this great timing going and then work got crazy my mom got SUPER crazy with my shower.. (OMG) then I looked up and it was May... WTH will say sorry ahead of time but I really need my numbers.. I am going to start a new post "Late start on Invites and OOT Bags... wait for it... thanks ladies...
  7. hey @@ChristienEarnest, If you looked at the pic I post I made the template that I used and free styled it until I like it.. however I woud send you a email of what I used no problem.. best of luck it was not hard but did take some time to get it just right (bride brain -lol). Dont forget to send me pic if the outcome...
  8. @@1BeachBride I dont know how I didnt about something like that... do you know where I could get it from, and what the cost like? thanks for the info thats a good one.
  9. I too have been racking my mind with if I want to try and send things to in advance. I am getting married in Jamaica at the RIU.. Has anyone ship anything to them before/yet? Ooo anyone with great hits for a July Jamaica wedding?
  10. Is there any SC brides out there.. Charleston yell out!
  11. Hi Karla... I'm hopeful that you will rec this and all will be well with you and ur family... I have not reached my post and I came across the post and I wanted to know of you would be will to email me your templet if you still have it... I really need to get my invites out ASAP! Thanks in advance for any help with this...
  12. Hello everyone.. I have been a memeber for mths and have gain alot from the site but I feel that I have sent a lot of time looking things but can't get the numbers for my posting.... Geesssss when will i get to the 150>>>>
  13. Okay I know it's been a long time since this post Was done... If possible and ur still logging in can you Pls send me the templet that you have used. For that matter if anyone reading this has it can you pls Send it to me... Still working on my 150post... ;-( Theaulls07@@gmail.com
  14. Trying to f/I what I am doing but don't want to spend too Much more but fell like it need to be nice do to everyone traveling for Us..
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