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  1. No, they have computers in their office. She let me use her computer to go on my email.
  2. Hey ladies! This is the link to our wedding highlights from last month. I think it's only available through tomorrow so check it out! Feel free to message me with any questions:) http://we.tl/H86bvsBnTZ I 100% recommend extending it for the hour. I am sooo happy that we did! You can decide one you are there and make changes down there as well so don't feel like you need to make every decision now. You could honestly plan the whole wedding in 10 minutes lol you will see how easy it is once you're there! As far as sneaking in the photographer as a guest, they are soooo anal about people entering the property. Every time someone pulls up to the gate the security calls and needs to approval to let them in. They wouldn't even let my videographer or hair/make up stylist on and I paid the fee! If anything, maybe you can give the photographer your bracelet and he can say he is a guest. After the wedding I waited a few days to put mine back on and had no problems. All of the staff will know you plus you can say you left it in your room for the wedding. Good luck:)
  3. We are back from an amazing trip, I miss it already! I know how it feels waiting to read reviews so here it goes.... #of guests: 43 Pre wedding day: We got to the resort Thursday night, our wedding was on the following Monday. We met with our wedding coordinator, Claudia on Friday morning at 9:30. For any of you stressing out trying to finish the step-by-step planning, do not stress you can do it when you get there! I was expecting Claudia to have all of our information that we had been emailing back and forth and instead it seemed like she had a blank spread sheet and I filled it in all over. Sort of frustrating because I spent so much time emailing with her and it was like our first time ever talking. But anyways, we made the final plans and she showed us the area for our cocktail reception ( we had it in the proof top terrace , BEAUTIFUL!! She then showed us a beach, pool and the palmares grill for our reception options and told us to check out weddings that night and let her know the following day which one we would like. That night we did as she said and scoped out the locations and stuck with our decision of the Palmeras grill. We liked how it was secluded and the way they decorated it. We also didn't rent the dance floor and noticed how small they looked so we thought it would be better to have the restaurant since it was not limited space. I had my hair and make up trial (Best moments) on Sunday at 2:00. I sat in my room and at 2:45 received an email from the stylist that the security would not allow them on site. I was furious considering I waited and they charge a vendor fee. I argued with the front desk and they said that my coordinator has to approve it but she was off site. My advice to all of you.... MAKE SURE your coordinator communicates with the security about your vendors or else you will have the same problem! They are very strict. An hour later after a lot of arguing and contacting Claudia on her cell phone they allowed them on. Hair and make up: We hired Best Moments. The female who did the make-up (I forget her name) was AMAZING!!!! I had 6 bridesmaids, my mother and mother-in-law we all had our hair and make up done and we all loved the make up, definitely worth the money. As for the hair...... 3 of my bridesmaids and my mother did their hair over because they were unhappy with the way it came out. There are 2 hair stylists, everyone who went to the female was happy, however, everyone who had the male were the ones that were not happy. He actually did my trial and I really liked it but for some reason he didn't do that well on the day of the wedding, he actually forgot what he did the day before, lol but at that point we were running late so I just left it. He doesn't speak any English so we had to communicate with him through the make up lady. Ceremony: Brace yourselves! I promise it gets better. Our ceremony was suppose to be at 6:00 pm at the gazebo. My father and I could see everything from where we were standing as we watched my husband and our photographer seating everyone. At first I was confused until I found out why. 20 minutes went by and the ceremony still had not started. Claudia finally came over to me to tell me the officiant was running late and that's where she disappeared to. She was trying to locate the officiant. My husband was so angry and knew I was probably confused as he sent my mother over to tell me what was happening. At 6:30 the music began and everyone entered except for my father and I, we were told by another coordinator to wait. We waited another 5 minutes until we were finally told to enter. I guess my guests were confused and thought I didn't show up because of how long it took for us to come out. Come to find out they began the ceremony before the officiant arrived which is why there was such a long wait before my father and I were told to enter. When we got to our vows there was a wedding reception beginning so music started blaring so loud that no be heard our vows.( I swear I felt like I was on the tv show boiling points!) Cocktail reception:( scheduled 6:30-7:30, instead it went from 7:10-7:50) Due to us taking our pictures we were only at the cocktail reception for about 10 minutes but everyone was having a blast which was all that we wanted. The weather was perfect and the guests said the food was delicious. We were bummed that the ceremony started so late because it went into our cocktail party and our photographer wasn't happy that we lost the sun for our pictures but there was nothing we could do about it at that point. Reception: (8:00-12:00) This is where things get good, I promised they got better! We hired DJ Mania they were AWESOME!!! Spend the money!!!! One of the dj's came outside to make sure everyone was in the right order to be introduced. He had my email so he just lined us up. The second we entered the reception all stress was gone! I can not say enough good things about the staff at the grill. We had our own server assigned to us for the night. No one had an empty drink in their hand at all. The second ice began to melt they would replace the drink, this was the best service I have EVER experienced. I honestly can not say enough good things about the reception. We had personalized shot glasses made and put flags in each one for the seating. The staff filled them with tequila and a lime and put the flags in them for us. They also decorated the inside posts with the white lights which looked great. We went to Walmart to get stuff for centerpieces, we figured it would be a lot cheaper and it was! We just got vases, sea shells , candles, rose pedals and maracas. We asked Claudia if they could fill the vases with sand then put a candle in it with sea shells and rose pedals around them. We tied "Shake for a kiss" tags on the maracas and asked to put 3 at each table. They did exactly what we asked and even added in some of their own decorations. We let the staff know not to be afraid to get our guests drunk. Before we knew it they were putting people in a chair in the middle of the dance floor and pouring tequila down their throats, it was hilarious! The staff was taking shots and dancing with us all night. Because of the ceremony running late, they extended our reception an extra 45 minutes. Food: shrimp ceviche and French onion soup were both sooo good We had the steak and lobster for the main course, both were over cooked but I personally didn't care I just wanted to party! People joked about the well done filet the next day but no one really cared. We got a two tiered cake, vanilla and coconut. No one even touched it, so by the end of the night it turned into a cake fight. Everyone was covered in cake then proceeded to jump into the pool to clean off! Videographer: Cinematic cancun- we didn't really see them, too much I'll have a review once we get our video back Photographer: We flew in Jamie Dimitry from Punta Cana. This was the best decision I could have made. He not only did an amazing job with photos, he jumped in and fixed my hair when I was unhappy with the way the hair stylist was doing it, he helped tie my dress and bustle it, he took over Claudia's duties by seating guests, keeping me calm a walking us through cutting the cake, the sand ceremony, and everything else he could possibly help out with. He actually came over to me while we were waiting fit the ceremony to start and told me he was thinking of jumping in to get it started lol If you haven't found a photographer, I HIGHLY suggest flying him there. His prices are great and he is super talented. I'm sorry for rambling on, feel free to ask any questions if I forgot to cover something. Even though there were a few hiccups, I am so happy with the way it turned out. Everyone had so much fun, I wish I could do it all over again!
  4. If you have 15 or more rooms booked you are entitled to a free cocktail reception and a free room upgrade. Your travel agent should have told you this!
  5. Hi ladies, we are leaving Thursday for our wedding! I can not believe how fast it came. Any other brides going down this week?!?! If anyone has any suggestions or advice please feel free. I feel like I haven't done much planning, nothing like waiting till the last minute Also, I was wondering who to tip and how much? Did any past brides get the "complimentary" cocktail hour? We got ours and I was wondering if it is drinks only or apps included. My coordinator asked me to pick out a menu and I want to make sure I'm not being charged extra! Thanks a bunch! Kristen
  6. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease! Our wedding is in 2 weeks I can't believe it! We have to pick the location for our welcome dinner. The options are the buffet or a la carte. Does anyone have any suggestions? We also need to pick a location for our cocktail hour. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks ladies! I still can't get over that, the nerve! Nikki my email is Kla1220@hotmail.com. I would love to see some pics It's hard to pick a location where neither if us have been so it's nice hearing from all of you who have done site visits. How much are you bringing for decorations? We are trying to figure out how much or how little to get. Thanks again! Kristen
  8. So I need to vent real quick..... I was at the mall tonight buying jewelry and another bride to be was next to me. We started talking about our weddings and it just so happens she's getting married at the Riu in Mexico. When I told her we were getting married at the Barcelo she went off on how she did a site visit and listed 100 things she hated about it. Mind you I have never been and our wedding is in 3 weeks. My first thought was how ignorant can a person be and now I'm nervous since I have never been there. She said the beach, food ,reception areas and so on were terrible! She also said the palmares grill is way too big for a wedding of 46 people after I said that's where we decided. Someone give me some reassurance!
  9. What is everyone doing for bridesmaid gifts?! I need some ideas! I got them personalized tumblers and tank tops when I asked them to be in my wedding and I got my MOH a beach bag. Feel free to throw out some ideas:)
  10. hey Kristen I'm going to email you the packages which include all of the extras .
  11. We are getting married at the Barcelo Maya Palace in May and torn! My aunt offered us her time share in Maui for a week or we could stay in Mexico and stay at the Excellence. It would be easier to stay in Mexico and would cut out 2 full travel days plus it is an AI but I don't know when else I will ever plan on Maui?! Any suggestions?
  12. Hi ladies, First off, congrats and happy planning!!! I am new to this site and would love to get some advice! My fiancé and I are looking to have our wedding in the DR spring of 2014. I have emailed the resort we would like to have our wedding, Majestic Elegance, and have not heard back yet. Because spring will be here before we know it I want to get STDs out by August 1st. Do you feel 9-10 months notice is enough? Also what are you're opinions on a TA? I'm up in the air as to whether or not we should get one or just work with the resort planners? Thanks in advance looking forward to your advice:)
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