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  1. Hi Ladies, I know the answer should be on here somewhere but can someone tell me: A. How much is it for guest who stay at another resort to attend wedding B. how does the resort know they aren't guests C. How do I politely encourage guests to stay at Barcelo and/ or avoid anyone else from booking at another resort!!!! Thanks for your help!
  2. omg thank you SOOOOOOOO much for your review. I have been stressing whether Barcelo is the right resort for us, whether the mint package would be right (since I already spent too much on the dress) and definitely about whether I had to bother with all the DIY stuff!!! You rock! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks NJBride2014! Sooooooo true! Happy planning to you too!
  4. I was born and raised in NJ but moved to Cali 2 years ago for work. If I hadn't I wouldn't have met FI but...there's no place like home! Getting married at the Barcelo Maya Palace July 12th 2014!
  5. Hi Tyrebird and Raynedrop, I decided to go with the 12th and compromised. That's a Saturday but at least it's not August!
  6. Ooh so happy to have found a July Barcelo Palace bride too! Yes, we want to stay at the Palace as well. Not sure about my guests. When my TA gave me some figures in Feb based on july 2013 she said 2100 for 5 nights per couple with taxes and transportation. I don't think that was including airfare. When I called last night rooms were $299 a night and you needed 25 rooms booked for group discount. We should only have about 20-25 people so that won't happen for us. I can't wait to see your photos!!!!!
  7. Hey Lori, Yes it is the Barcelo. I just got response back from WC and she told me not to worry. July 12th is now on hold and plenty of time slots available! Whew!!!!! do you mind me asking how much your guests are paying?
  8. Hi Joyous55! My name should be NERVOUS24/7 lol. Ok so it's not unreal for me to be nervous that our hotel is not booked yet therefore our wedding date isn't either? I just called the resort and the rates are much higher than I thought. I'm really so confused at this point. The travel agent is my aunt's best friend so I can't imagine her giving me bad advice but I first reached out to her end of February and I'm wondering if we missed out on an early booking deals. She owns the travel agency so should I just assume she knows what she is doing and wait? Thanks for your help date twin (hopefully!)
  9. Speaking of this, I want to marry in July 2014 and my TA told me to wait to Aug/ Sept to do everything meaning my hotel isn't booked yet which the hotel requires in order to confirm wedding date. I'm having anxiety....should I?
  10. Hi Kristina, I am also planning on marrying in July. Calling TA tomorrow to have her book our rooms, can't take the wait any longer. I'm going to shoot for July 12th. What is your date and how did you select a time. The WC Aurea emailed me about a week ago and said the 12th is available but I forgot ask about time. I'm afraid later times won't be available. Also, did you decide on your reception. I'm in the same boat. Will it be too hot and is it worth the money??? I look forward to hearing from you!
  11. I love your thinking!!!! Hahaha! I'm going to call tonight. St lucia looks beautiful! I wanted to have my wedding there but thought it would be too expensive. Your wedding will be amazing!!i think it is a st lucia thing not a sandals thing if I'm not mistaken. Thanks so much for your advice! I spoke with my cuz and all is well.
  12. Hi Rayndrop! Yes you are right. That was my question. I wanted to know if it would be easier on them if it were a weekend. I really wanted to right back ummm I'm sorry August was not any of the options. Anyway, I think I'm just going to stick with Saturday July 12th. That's a compromise. I didn't do the 5th bc of airfare, I'm not doing the 9th bc it's the middle of the week so if the 12th is a problem then REALLY...don't come. Wishing you the best of luck on your Wednesday wedding! Just one question: do you get a better deal on the weekday? (I might have to reconsider if you tell me yes lol)
  13. Ok so originally I thought getting married 4th of July weekend 2014 would be easier on everyone as far as taking time off work, then TA/ friend of the fam said that airfare would be higher due to holiday (it's not 4th of July in Mexico but do people just travel there?) so then I thought ok how about July 12th which is the next Saturday and my mom's bday, then last night I read on here at it's good luck to marry on Wednesdays. My grandfather passed away in November while I was prego and I ended up giving my son his name as a middle name. My grandfather raised me so I always said if he could i would have him walk me down the aisle. Well, I don't know why it dawned on me last night. His birthday is July 9th, a Wednesday, in between 4th of joy and my moms bday. (I'm getting to my point soon I promise) so I text 2 of my cousins today who are like my sisters and asked them for travel purposes if that would work for them. My one cuz text back you tell me when you want me there. It's your day. My other cuz who is the one who talked me into a destination wedding in the first place texts me, actually August would work better for me bc I usually work summer school. Now I knew this but I chose joy bc I figured it would be a summer month hence easier for those with children and when I first threw out the idea of July MONTHS ago (been engaged since September) she said she would be there. I still have to book the resort which I was planning on doing this weekend but now I am SO torn!!!! My cuz has children and I feel bad bc I'm already asking everyone to spend a lot to come to my wedding. Should I now consider August to make it easier on her or should I be annoyed that it's MY special day? Ugh, why did I even ask to begin with?!
  14. Thanks MissJali! They definitely have great reviews! When is your wedding date? I'm going to make a decision with the FI this weekend before I go nuts! Lol
  15. Thank you so much! Your advice definitely helps! Did you book a photographer? If you don't mind, how many days is it for under $1300. My goal is to book a resort by this weekend before I lose my marbles! Lol
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