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  1. We used the resort DJ for 3 hours and the total was around $850. I was surprised that he even uplit the room in the fuschia color of my wedding (i thought they would have been an extra charge). He did a great job of announcing us as we entered. We sort of had to go and take the mic when we wanted to start the speeches. When we told him we were ready for that cake cutting he put on our song and directed the attention to the cake. He took song requests from our guests and did a great job of keeping the party going. However, just keep in mind you may need to tell him when you are ready for toasts/ etc. I talked to Isela about the private transfer and she gave me a confirmation email once she arranged everything. I just searched my email for the link for the sunglasses and I couldn't find it! And I'm sorry it wasn't ebay- it was Amazon! If you search for Wayfare sunglass lot you can see several different sellers. I can't remember which I bought from. Good luck!!!
  2. Thank you! I thought that the 3 hour reception was perfectly fine. We had a group of a bunch of dancers (and drinkers) and in no way did I feel like the party was cut short. We started our reception at 6 and did toasts right away. Dinner started at 6:20 and by 7 we had already eaten all three courses and started with the cake cutting, then first dance, then father daughter, and then we got the party started. By 9 pm we just moved the party to the dance floor (after changing my shoes!) and stayed there until after 1 am ish.... I didn't think it would be worth it to spend the extra $ to extend the reception. But had we extended, it I'm sure we would have had used all the time.
  3. I just posted a review. Let me know if you have any more questions! I hope I can help! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4320
  4. That is so funny... I just came on to post how much I loved Adventure Photos for my wedding and I see that you have a copy of my trash the dress shoot! Here is a link for the entire wedding slide show if you want to see the wedding photos as well! http://video214.com/play/0yRNgByYcVC3RLcexViiDQ/s/dark I just got married this past Saturday at Now Jade and had the time of my life. We are so happy that we chose Now Jade. We had the Divine package and 34 guests. We used adventure photos for the complete wedding package that included the trash the dress shoot. Our photos came our amazing! Fernanda was our photographer and she was great! Don't worry about reviews on Trip Advisor. All of our guests had an amazing time and said that this resort was better than many others in Cancun/ Riviera Maya. I will try to post an entire review at some point. We just got back yesterday and still trying to get down from cloud 9. One more thing to add- After the trash the dress shoot (rolling in the sand/ swimming in the pool/ etc) my dress was cleaner than it was after the reception! I wouldn't worry about "ruining your dress" from the TTD shoot. Mine came out cleaner! LOL and after a dry cleaning I think it will be in perfect condition!
  5. I leave in 2 days! wohoo For the ceremony we are using our Ipod and have only 2 songs playing prior to the song that the bridal party wants down to. Does anyone know how soon the guests start to be seated? Our ceremony is at 4 PM. Do I need to add more songs to that list? Does one of the wedding coordinators play the ipod or do I need to have a guest switch the songs? Thx!
  6. Down to only days until we leave for Cancun! I am so excited! I am using Adventure Photos for the Complete wedding package. I will let you know what I think of them. We are having Fernanda be our photographer for the day. Has anyone used her? Does anyone know what the airport transportation is in the Devine package? - Taxi? Bus? Shuttle? And is it private? Do you know if the resort will be able to give us the room numbers of our guests so we can deliver our own OOT Bags? Or do you all plan on having the resort deliver them? I hope everything makes it there in one piece!
  7. I have getting married on February 8th, 2014 and have chosen the Devine package. We are addition the resort photographer for the complete wedding package that includes the trash the dress shoot and the entire day of the wedding. Does anyone know how much extra that package will cost? Thanks! Also- Anyone else getting married around February 8th? Wohooo it's getting close!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion All the shots that I posted were family and friend shots. We used the on site photographer with the Divine package so it covered the ceremony only. If I am completely honest he wasn't any better than My friends or family, wasn't very versatile and didn't really have much of a clue. You get 26 with the package and we had no problems reducing it from 269 to 31 because they were pretty rubbish, saying that he gave us the extra 5 but would only out them on the disk and not in the book for a tip! We did manage to pick the best 31 but to say I was disappointed is an under statement, we just wasn't in a position financially to get a outside photographer. I will upload some of the ones he took so you can have a look Xxx Congrats on your wedding! You look beautiful! I am using Adventure Photos and have the devine package for my wedding in February. We booked them for the entire day, plus a trash the dress shoot. Now I'm worried that we made the wrong choice! Your photos look amazing to me, but if you think they weren't very professional then maybe I should reconsider? How much extra did people have to pay to use an off site photographer? I think I am adding around 1000$ for the entire day and trash the dress. Is that worth it?
  9. We are doing a "Pink a Colada" Coconut Rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and coconut water- so yummy and not too sweet!
  10. Another question- What are people using for their "musician" for the music that is included in the devine package? And are you using them for the ceremony or the cocktail hour? I thought there was a caribbean trio but now I don't see that option.
  11. Another question- What are people using for their "musician" for the music that is included in the devine package? And are you using them for the ceremony or the cocktail hour? I thought there was a caribbean trio but now I don't see that option.
  12. Thank you so much! That was so incredibly helpful. Sounds like bringing the vases is the way to go! Does anyone have Daisy's email? I will try to email her.
  13. Has anyone heard from Pilar lately? I have emailed several times over the past 3 weeks and haven't gotten any responses. Is there someone else I should be emailing? Maybe some of you ladies and answer some of my questions! 1. Do we need to reserve the DJ now? We would like a DJ for the bamboo reception. Are there different DJs to chose from or does the resort only have one? 2. For the photography, I know the divine package does include a photographer. We do want to add on to the included package. Do we need to contact Adventure photos ourselves to reserve them for the day? Do we contact them to book the trash the dress shoot? 3. For the symbolic ceremony, is there a general script that is followed or do we need to write our own? Can you please email me a copy of the script if there is one? 4. What time and where will our welcome cocktail be at on February 7th? (save the date promotion) And do we get to pick the appetizers? 6. Is there an added fee for a "signature drink" during the cocktail hour? 7. When is the appropriate time to book spa services? Do we go through you or through the resport? 8. Are we allowed to have real candles for the centerpieces at the resort? 9. Can we borrow hurricane vases for the centerpieces? Is there a charge? Thanks everyone- This thread has been wonderful!
  14. Your review was amazing! Thank you so much for all of the tips.... However, now Im stressing because I haven't started anything and I only have 4.5 months to go! Did you provide the officiant with a script or was that provided? How was the beef and shrimp entre? I'm thinking of just having that to make things easier. Where di you get your fans and chair ties? They are both the same color of my wedding and look perfect! Congrats on your wedding and thanks again!
  15. Could I please get a cody of the DJ form as well? Thanks! monicagreenwald@gmail.com Also- Does anyone know if it is round trip airport transfers for the bride and groom that is included in the divine package? Is there a hotel van that comes to the airport?
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