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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures! I've been wondering about what this is going to look like myself! I am getting married on November 7th at SMB. We already have our time and location taken care of, but our wedding coordinator Valeria told us we would get the fine details taken care of 30 days before. Now you have given me some visuals to work with! Thanks again!
  2. Wow! Thank you for the responses everyone! I am so excited! 87 days away, and I will be at the resort in just 83!!! So those of you who chose to switch from the complimentary to the ultimate package, did you get the credit for the complimentary wedding and then just pay the additional or was it the total cost that's listed on the website? I feel like I owe you all something :-) Thanks Again!
  3. If there is anyone here who did their wedding last minute(3 months out) and they had issues with the quota issue(that 80% of your guests must stay at SMB or else you cannot have your wedding there) and they were able to get around it, please let me know. I am so angry right now because this was brought to my attention yesterday. I don't have an issue with the $100.00 fee for the people coming from off site, I have an issue with the quota. My father decided to stay next door because it's $500 per person cheaper for 4 days/3 nights so he could actually make it. I need him to be able to walk me down the aisle, I've been waiting over 30 years for this moment! Did anyone get a travel agent and get a group rate? Just trying to find a way to keep my wedding at SMB and not be forced to move over to Grand Velas where we are owners. SMB is my current dream beach and resort. Any advice would be super helpful. Thank You
  4. Okay, one more question. Did anyone use an offsite hair and makeup place? I emailed my concerns to Valeria and Carla in the Spa proceeds to tell me they have dealt with African American hair, and with extensions but they wanted to see a picture of my hair. I emailed her a picture of my hair and I still have yet to get a response. I did find someone who can deal with natural type 3C-4A curly hair and didn't need a picture to know what I was talking about when I discussed my curly hair and the type it is. Did you pay a fee to have hair and makeup to come to your room? Also, did anyone go with a different photographer than what SMB has to offer. It seems like you should get more for your money so I wanted to look into that too. Thanks Again! P.S. tigerkels, I sent you a private email, but if you still want to talk about our wedding on the same day you can email me at FrancisHinesWedding@gmail.com
  5. I have a few questions I hope someone can answer. My wedding is on Nov 7th, it's very last minute despite already having 15 years under our belt. So we gave people only 3 months notice. Because SMB isn't on the cheaper side of the spectrum, people are looking into staying at places with a lower price point. I was just told by Valeria that there is a $100USD fee for guests coming off site and 80% of your guests must stay at SMB. I['m sitting here like ???? So let me get this straight, we pay about $3000 USD for the week not including airfare and we have a wedding and pay for extras and you want to tell me that if my guests stay elsewhere they may not be able to come. We all flew from either California or Texas and they can't come because basically they can't afford to stay at SMB but chose to stay next door at the Catalonia Privledged? Has anyone dealt with this situation? How did it go for you? So far it's just the parents of the groom and my father(my mother is no longer with us), so they did say if it stays that small, they are willing to make an exception. But what if I end up with 10-20 guests and they're all next door or at the El Dorado? Did anyone get so irritated that they cancelled the wedding and did it elsewhere? Also, how hard is it to get pictures and prices of beach gazebo setups? I don't seem to get a response when I ask about that. Thank you!
  6. I would love to see that too. Did anyone bring their own aisle or decorations for the gazebo?
  7. I too am going in completely blind. Funny thing is, I am not at all nervous about it.
  8. Hello Everyone! I thought I had posted this the other day, but it doesn't seem to have ever showed up so here I am again! First off, thank you ladies for everything you have posted. This has made me feel better about my decision. I have been with my future husband 15 years already, we met when we were kids, so coming to SMB Nov 3-10 was my Annivresary gift. I had no idea until last week that our luxury vacation was going to turn into my wedding! Nov 7, 2013 is the big day! Just a little more than three months away! I thought it was a blessing that SMB was going to be able to take us! I thought I might have to find a different place in Playa! Valeria has done a pretty good job as far as correspondence goes. I'll admit I am now concerned that she hasn't gotten back to me since I filled out the questionnaire and I only have my spot reserved until Friday. I My wedding party is going to be really small, maybe even just the two of us, but my instincts tell me it could be up to 10 people. So my idea is to just have a small reception/dinner at one of the restaurants so I was hoping to get a few of my other questions and concerns out of the way so I can plan accordingly, I can't believe I will be there in about 100 days! Time is already starting to fly by! 1. Are there any restaurants that have a good view of the ocean? According to the map Oceana perhaps? 2. I'm concerned that there won't be anyone qualified to do my hair which I will definitely need. I am half African American and I have type 4 curly hair that I may want to have flat ironed for the evening. If no one is qualified or comfortable doing my kind of hair, is there a salon in Playa that can? 3. I am still waiting on Valeria to let me know what ceremony venues are available as well during my time slot. If the beach isn't available, what do you ladies feel are the next best options. I think this will determine my shoe purchase as well. I know I will have a lot more questions as time goes on so I thank you all in advance for any advice you may offer. Best, Melissa
  9. Hello Everyone! I had no idea that my dream vacation to Secrets Maroma Beach was going to turn into my wedding until a few days ago! I'm getting married to the love of my life(after 15 years) on the afternoon of November 7, 2013. I have already been in contact with Valeria and she has been quite attentive already. I have sent the questionnaire back and we will see what I get to do. I just want an ocean view! We just told our families, but we think our audience will be 10 or less. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions, but right now I'm trying to figure out a budget so I'm wondering what extras are really worth it. And as far as ceremony set up goes, is it worth it to bring some things yourself such as gazebo linens and chair ties, etc. Thank you in advance.
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