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  1. Thank you very much DinaQtobe I have one more that maybe you or another past bride can awnser. During your meeting with Anel, does she arrange a quick rehersal for the ceremony with your bridal party at the ceremony location or does she just give everyone a quick run down before the ceremony begins on where to walk and stand? Thanks!! 18 days till departure!!!
  2. 20 days until I leave!!!!! 22 days until I say I DO! I just cant believe how fast it came!! I just sent my completed planning forms in a few days ago and am just waiting for conformation from Anel.. I do have a few questions for you ladies as I am trying to tie together last little details.. 1) What time does the disco/night club open at the Now Sapphire? 2) Will the front desk provide you with all your guests room numbers upon rrequest? I have some welcome/info cards I would like to distribute the next morning after we arrive. 3) When Is your meeting with the planner arranged? Before or after arrival? 4) Has any past brides taken the private with the private shuttle to the resort? Was it lined up and waiting for you at the airport? I am flying with my majority of my guests but would like to arrive at the resort before the group preferably. 5) Does any one know what time the main pool closes at? My cocktail hour is at 4:30 on the beach terrace and I have a portable bluetooth speaker to use for back ground music more less. I know the pool will still be open at 430 and am wondering if my music will just be drowned out by the pool music? If anyone could help me out with these that would be great! Thank you and happy planning!!! One more!! Can any past brides give a review on the resorts makeup artists. I am not to concerned about the hair as its going to be done pretty simple. How about using false lashes?? I am bringing a pair with me but want to make sure they are experianced using them as I have had make up jobs ruined by falsies not being put on properly..
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by janders8 Hi everyone! I have my wedding there on Feb. 6th 2014! We are very excited to be there but I have read that the communication sucks as I am having the same issues. I have been asked to change wedding planners as well. I have been emailing for 2 months without any communication back. I then wrote on their facebook page which kind of helped. I got an email from Anel finally and sent back 15 questions and it has been a week now with nothing. I understand they are busy but they are also running a business. I have now written back on their facebook wall and see what happens now but according to their calendar they have ( 3-6 months you do this, 2-3 months you do this) I am supposed to have known half of the check offs and I don't. I am hoping that if I stay on top of them they will do something about it! Is anyone else besides a couple of people had the same problem? Does it get better the closer you are to your date? I am slightly freaking out here! Hi There! Nice to see another February Bride! I will be there the 12th-19th of February and getting married on the 14th! I have also had a lack of communication through this process in which seems to be completely normal. Ive gotten alot of responses and questions awnsered on this forum thanks to many ladies and for the details that are stilll "grey" and well I have realized that I chose a destination in the first place to keep things simple and just go with the flow. I would advise to start asking away on the forum its been a huuuge help! I have started filling out my wedding planning form and am going to try and make my requests as specific and detailed as possible.
  4. Also I have been lookiing over the wedding planning form and there is not much space for details.. If I am to create my own with all the questions awsered and email that to Anel when its time do you see it being a problem or is anyone else doing this?
  5. Anyone have the measurements of the square tables and approx how many they seat? I still havent been able to find an answer and would like to purchase some table runners
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by TaraB Hi Mylene, your cost sheet shows 3 hours at 150 per hour plus tax totalling $499.50. was it only $150 on your final invoice? if that is the case, I wont bother bringing my own sound system! Can anyone clarify if it is in fact $150 per hour for the sound system or for the whole 3 hour reception??
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe Have any recent brides brought their own speakers down? Brides that rented speakers, was the cost charged per hour? So $150 an hour for a 3 hour reception? I am getting so close! At what point should I be booking the spa appointments for hair/makeup? When I send in my planning form? I am planning to purchase and bring a Ipod dock bose sound system as we have a small group of 25 on the beach terrace for the reception. Apparently you can use a microphone with them too, just not the same time as the music is playing!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mollyes As for tables - here is what Anel sent me when I asked. They seat 10 (although we had 2 people randomly join another table and the 12 seemed to work fine as well: Hi Mollyes! The picture/attachment with Anel's response on your reply wont show up. Would you mind letting me know what she said as far as tables? Thanks
  9. Hi Brides, Does any one know the measurements of the round tables and the square tables and about approx how many people each seats? Also has anyone opted to purchase and bring a bose sound system instead of renting the resorts hourly. We will be a small group under 25 ppl and dont need an extreme sound system for dancing or anything, just something to connect a mic to so my guests can hear well enough for speaking and for first dance and background music. Have any past brides used one? Thanks for your time ladies, happy planning!!
  10. I responded to this yesterday but maybe because I posted the the link to the website it was required to be submitted for approval and I havent seen my response show up on here yet! I actually found the the dress online on the Davids Bridal website. You can search the dress collections by color and I chose out of the coral reef selection It also tells you if they carry the dress in stores so that you can go to a Davids Bridal and try the dresses and order them directly. Im going to view the dress on my next days off and hopefully I love it as much as I do in the picture online!
  11. P.S I noticed after I wrote you back that you said your daughter was doing the same color theme coral AND gray as well! Thats awesome I will try and share any nice ideas I come across regarding the coral and gray accented theme!
  12. I actually found the bridesmade dress that I think will be "the one" on the Davids Bridal website, You can search the dress selections by color. I chose a dress in the Coral Reef shade! http://www.davidsbridal.com/Browse_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-All-Bridesmaid-Dresses
  13. Wow thank you for this!! Im glad I dont have to worry about Anel as she sounds fantastic as far as making the day flow together and managing the ceremony and timeline of events, sets my mind at ease a little! Do you see her much that day or is she more behind the scenes? Im a little anxious about it all as we will be arriving on the Wednesday and getting married on the Friday! So it doesnt give me alot of time to relax before the wedding, I want to have basically everything finalized and my mind at ease before I arrive. I am going to do the same and send detailed pictures of how I would like things customized? Was there additional charge for slight customizations like the colors for flowers and the cake? I planning to get married a few days before as well but would like the ceremony to be traditional with the vows and signing after we say I do! I will ensure to create my own documentation for keeps Did you use the resort photographer? If so how long did you book them for. I see in the divine package they are only included for the hour not long enough! I am going to ask a friend to more less MC or lead the events during the reception as well like announcing the toasts, speeches, dance, cake cutting. I plan to have the reception pretty low key and casual as we will be a small group around 25. Did you have a large or small group? Any other advice or suggestions you would like to share! Thank you sooo much for your review hope to see some pictures of yourspecial day!
  14. Thanks!! You sound alot more prepared that myself! I will wait till December then to send her my ideas of what my vision is for ceremony, decor and reception. Im doing a coral color theme with some gray accents. Thats about as far as I have gotton LOL. I think I found the bridesmade dresses (I will have two standing for me). Now I really need to start working on my timeline for how I would like the day to flow and decide on the reception menu!
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