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  1. @@trharris1972 I'd be happy to send you our pre-travel packet used this past May. For some reason I cannot get it to upload. The guests really appreciated the detailed information, especially those who hadn't travelled out of the country. PM me your email for a copy via email!
  2. Hey @@hdm116! We honeymooned there, so if you have any questions, if I can answer, I'd be happy to! We had the BBQ deluxe menu at our rehearsal dinner, it was sooo good, and there is Plenty of food and options! People raved about it, everything was delicious! We had a free cocktail hour through our travel agent and used it for the day of…we had 54 guests and about 6 tables…I'd imagine you might have a few more since it's a private cocktail hour event. We held rooms almost immediately, I would suggest doing so now, for an October wedding. Whatever money we used to hold rooms went towards our room balance, which paid for the whole balance and the groom's mother(who we paid for). Are you using a travel agent? They should help explain a little better. Happy to help!
  3. I agree with @@AllieH, maybe alternate tables with the candelabras and vases of flowers form the ceremony? We used the bouquets from myself and the bridesmaids…it worked out nice since we couldn't save them to bring them home! Gorgeous! I think that will be plenty also…the area is natural a has greenery and flowers around the pool too
  4. @@AllieH we are already planning our 1 year back there…it seems too far away, we are ready to go back now!! @@ebigge aww thanks!! Rafa at the casitas salon was amazing!!! My Bouquet was BB04…I asked for the same but smaller($75) for my bridesmaids and repurposed them into some centerpieces for the reception! i wasn't sure how they would turn out just picking from online…but i LOVED them! Maracas were from Amols (2.95 a pair) and I used a Sharpie oil based paint pen to write in the date. I did DIY fan programs from Cherish Paperie They give you a template and I just designed my own, had Kinkos print them(some were a little off center but most were perfect) on the paper I ordered and then I bought a tool on amazon to make the grommet punching/crimping easy. Etsy also has listings for the petal fan programs. Feel free to hit me up with any other questions! Happy Planning!
  5. Welcome Reception-Donkey bar/Salon Dorado/BBQ/Fire Show Ceremoney-White Gazebo Reception-Tucanes
  6. @@MrsUpton We had 52 guests there and all but us and one couple stayed in the Royale side in Oceanfront JJ,Oceanview JJ and JJ. Our travel agent requested everyone be together, make sure you stress to your agent to put more than one request in. In the end everyone ended up in building 14,15,16 and 6,7,8….that was after Stressed to the front desk person when I found out my brother was being put in 11. That being said, after a few words with the manager(saying listen this has been planned for a year, there should be no reason my guests are apart…52 people 2 private events…etc..) They ended up not being able to move one room from 11 because it was a double bed request. **Definitely go to the front desk and ask for all room assignments. My Parents ended up in 17 which is supposed to be oceanfront…just really close to the beach, they did say Guacamayas' bass boomed in their room but once you put the air on it drowns it out. No one else mentioned it. The thing about the rooms in the 40/50 is they are just far away from everything and the sun walking can get hot. I'd recommend trying to get your guests int he middle of the resort, and all the rooms we went in seemed to be nice. We were in a regular casita suite, which was nice and plenty seeing the amount of time we spent in the room. in block 2700 by the bar Pelicanos. That was a nice happy medium of walking not too far to either the Royale side or the Spa to get hair/makeup done We didn't really have any trouble with carts, and didn't really mind the walking. Make friends witht he drivers and they should just about do anything to make your wedding weekend enjoyable! *I also posted some non-professional pics in my gallery--some would for the life of them not turn around no matter how many times i fixed!* Hope that helps!
  7. Hi Ladies!!! I got married at EDR on May 23, 2014…it was amazing(food,service,staff)!! I will plan to write an in depth review in a week or so when I have a little more time, but I wanted to let anyone know they are welcome to PM me with any questions! Also, a huge thanks to @@AllieH you were so helpful to my planning process! A few things as you are planning your day that the WC didn't tell me, little things though, not a huge deal or I just though might be helpful. 1) If you have photographers, you have to pay for their meals(we just paid for the same meal we ordered and when I told Sarani, she thanked me and said the sandwiches were always mushy :/) 2) In the Spa, they will bring you fruit or you can bring a fruit plate in…they have champagne on request and water & coffee in the actual Spa area.**Make sure to make time to eat! 3) Make sure you clarify what type of makeup(regular or airbrush) I thought I paid for airbrush and it was an additional amount(worth it). 4) DJ AllMusic was great…but make sure to mark songs you want played the whole way through(he stopped shout at the softer part?) and songs that are must plays---he kept the party going! 5) If you get sweaty like I do, bring a little battery operated fan(got mine off amazon for like 10 bucks) it does wonders under the dress during dinner 6) They say you can't get a cart for your bridesmaids/moms… so on the way back from the spa to our room, I just asked the guy driving to pick them up and he said yes, I gave him a 5---he came back with an empty cart at the time I asked and knocked on the door--so worth it! ​7) Honestly I stressed about decor a little before…not much is really needed, everything is so pretty! I just had centerpieces, maracas at each setting and table numbers, and some candle bags around pool(Tucanes)…all you need! 8)We had to move our Rehearsal party from white gazebo to Salon Dorado, beautiful, and nice and cool, wished I had planned it there in the first place!(gave a nice change of scenery for the guests and they did the donkey bar out front with tiki torches and the BBQ out back as well as the fire show(so cool!) ) ​OKay, back to work I go…but Please PM with any questions, happy to Help!!! I'll post some pictures tonight too! Happy Planning!!! Wish I could go back already!!
  8. @@AllieH It doesn't look like they have put any of the set up fees on the spreadsheet. They only have put specific items such as the candle bags and hurricane glasses. 400 is a lot too! Do you think if i just let it be and take the lanterns down there it is a better bet for it to be lower? Thanks for the tips on the LED Throwies! We are staying in the Casitas section, are guests able to come visit and hang out at our pool area? One more question…FI and I are finalizing the welcome letter, we are putting a "schedule" of where we will be the day before the wedding if anyone wants to swing by to hang or say hi. That being said…I was thinking either a pool or spot on the beach around 1…any recommendations as to a spot that won't be overly crowded for a group of people to come and go? (not sure how many---we will have 55 total at the wedding) Specifically which pools or what area of the beach. THANKS!!!!
  9. Thanks @@AllieH!!! Yeah, they tried to charge me like 850 for setup of 40 lanterns…I already responded once with all we were already paying for including a welcome party at the white gazebo for 55 the night before with the fire dancers, they brought it down to 400, but I'm still going to see what I can do to get it lower. Did you make the LED throwies onsite? Thanks for your thoughts on the lighting!!!
  10. Hi Ladies! Just a little over a month until our big day!! @@AllieH I love your paper lanterns hung around, I know you said you had around 40….how much were you charged? Also, what kind of lights did you use for them? HOw did you describe you wanted them up? I was thinking clusters of three? I was also thinking of using candle bags to put around the perimeter of the pool/walkway but Marisol said the floating candles look better…I've only seen a few pictures with either…any opinions ladies? I'm going for more soft light ambiance. Thanks!!!!
  11. @@AllieH you are sooooo helpful I can't thank you enough!!!! So looks like we will be in the Spa for quite a long time. Does anyone know if we are able to order food/drink into there?
  12. Oo I'm getting so excited for the food! We are staying at EDR casitas from May 21-26(wedding on 23). Then we head down to Seaside Suites until June 1, excited for the change of resort! AllieH, thanks for the heads up on the long times, she said we can have 3 people get done at once, so that helps a lot to know to allow an extra hour and a half. Has anyone gotten their makeup done for the wedding? I'm having a hard time believing it will take a full hour for my bridesmaids' makeup. What is everyone's experience with the upgrade when you get a wedding package and the giwc upgrade for a certain mount of rooms? We'd love a swim up casita, but if we would get upgraded to it we'd rather not spend the money. Just worried if they get full what would we be upgraded to? how lenient are they? Thanks and Happy Friday!!
  13. Wow, that's a lot of time! We should be in the casita spa if that's where my room is right? Oi, and you got your makeup done did anyone else? Thanks this helps so much!
  14. Hi Ladies! I was wondering about timelines of the day for getting ready. I'm seeming to get kind of vague times on hair and makeup from the coordinator. Our wedding is at 6pm and I have myself, 3 bridesmaids, mob, mob, step-mog. Any suggestions on how your timelines went and how the getting ready process goes? I heard it's not all in one room, that i will be separated? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Hey JessicaAshleyKC! I found our music on Itunes... there was a lot of searching ...I'd start with looking at Acoustic Guitar Guy...he has 3 modern wedding albums(all instrumental). We ended up picking some songs from the Guitar Tribute Players...they have sooo many new and oldies that you can use and are up beat! Hitched The Country Wedding has some stuff too! There was also a pretty piano album.. Search Piano Country Series. Hope this helps!!
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