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  1. We are paying for our bridemaid/groomsmens outfits as well. With all travel expense and time off from work they will be taking we thought this was the least we could do. We have 9 bridesmaids/8groomsmen so definintely had to stick to a budget. I ordered the bridesmaid dresses from Simplybridal.com and they were fabulous and great quality. With shipping the dresses were around $125 a piece.
  2. I made the deposit of $250 to the WC to secure the date.
  3. Such a small world! No, I haven't been to the Grand but have only heard AMAZING things about it! Congrats on your engagement! Did you get to see any weddings while you were there?
  4. CourtneyTX - Yes, they do charge for outside photography vendor. I am using Mischa Earle and I think they are charging me a $250 fee. Each resort will be different though on what vendors they allow.I saw that you live in Arlington...I grew up in Arlington and went to Martin High School. Are you orginally from there?
  5. Hi! Has anyone used the DJ from the resort? I am indecisive about using the Grand's DJ or hiring one from an outside company.
  6. Hi Jennkn87! Congratulations! As far as the Grand, I had a friend that was in a wedding there last year and she said it was AMAZING! So I think we are in good shape:) I also did plenty of research on the resort itself and found terrific reviews. Honestly, it was hard to find anything bad about the Grand. I know it is confusing with all the extras that come along with the ceremony and reception planning. I recommend if you have any questions just call or email the WC. They have been terrific in getting back to me. I know some reviews have commented on how they have been disconnected from the WC, but I have been very pleased with the attention and help that they have provided me. I have been working with Jannelle and Loreto. Sometimes it might take a few days/weeks but they always get back with me and have all of my answers covered. I also call too if I am looking for a quicker response! As far as the Grand, I had a friend that was in a wedding there last year and she said it was AMAZING! So I think we are in good shape:) I am having a cocktail hour followed by bonfire/Jamaican bbq on the beach the night before as a rehearsal dinner. We will be having 75+ guests so all of our events are going to be private beach events. For the ceremony, we will be doing a bamboo structure and dance floor with tables set up around the beach. I don't know my final bill for that but right now I have confirmed $3,500 for dance floor set up and I think there is an additional $3,000 for the private dinner which doesn't include some of the extras like cocktail hour, extra attendees and extra hour of reception. I still need DJ, Flowers. You have plenty of time so don't stress and ENJOY the planning process!
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  8. Hi Kritinac! I am getting married May 25th at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall! We will be down there at the same time! I am in the same boat as you. Loreto said that the WC would start getting all the details square away a few months before. I tried contacing Tai Flora, but havent heard back yet. I have heard not to worry that everything will be amazing! Congrats! Megan
  9. Absolutely Beautiful! Did you have the resort do your hair or did you hire someone? I am getting married 5/25/14 and debating what to do. Any advice would help!
  10. I am getting married at the Grand in May 2014 and would love any tips from any brides that have already had their wedding or have visited the resort. We are having around 70 attend and will be doing most of the reception on beach with dance floor. Loreto mentioned a jamaican bbq for rehearsal dinner. Has anyone done this? Trying to get response from WC has been tough, so any recommendations/suggestions would be amazing!
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