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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by kalinyc Since I used this board as such a constant tool to help get me prepared for my wedding I thought I would pay it forward now that it is over :-( (11/1). I know we've heard it all before, but I cannot express how wonderful Mayte was. I don't know how she forces that smile but her energy is so beautiful and positive and I felt like I was meeting with an old friend. She is my hero. Although I'd been in touch with her for over a year my communication just got constant a couple of weeks before and everything was done FLAWLESSLY (with an 83 person wedding). I have high expectations and she met every single one of them so pls be patient with her and don't worry! It will be the best day of your life. Attaching some pics! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for posting your beautiful photos. Did Mayte make the menu napkin wraps or did you bring those from home? Also is that Pastor Mark Lykins? I booked him for a bilingual ceremony but I have yet to hear any audio or see any wedding videos of him. Thank you!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD ME!!!!! hahaha I'll be there!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lisamarco413 Hey there. Can anyone tell me if this is an average sized resort compared to others in the area? Google Maps shows it could span as long as .5 miles back in length, which would make it bigger than Melia, but half the amount of rooms. Can anyone shed some light on the size? I've reserved a May 22, 2014 -6pm- beach wedding followed by a beach reception. I'm still on the fence though as it has been weeks since my travel agent has heard from the resort. So any info would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much! it is way smaller than melia and overall it is considered one of the smaller ones in the area. Maybe it looks big in google maps because the sister resort secrets royal beach which is adults only is right next to it.
  4. I got a coworker to come with me! I know most of it wont be directed towards us DW brides but I dont plan to be a bride ever again in my life so I figured why not? I'm down to meet up also. Where are you ladies getting your bridesmaid dresses from? 3 out of the 5 girls in my bridal party live out of state ( Georgia and Florida) so I have no idea how I'm going to work this thing out...I quickly glanced through some at RK Bridal when I was shopping for my dress but none really caught my eye. Where else should I look?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD On this website on the side where the ads are displayed lol - Code is google2 Write it in the promo code box and it gives you 2 free tickets GOT IT! Thank you SoonMrsD!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD Ok got it! I managed to get free tickets with a code I found in case I don't make it but I think I'm down for it afterwork! where did you get the code? You ladies are getting me excited, I decided to go even if it's alone.
  7. I want to go but none of my bridesmaids are available to come with me :-(
  8. $160 is for a real peony bouquet? Does anyone recommend a website for fake peony bouquets? Thanks
  9. Does anyone have pics of the bridal suite or know the cost of renting the bridal suite? Thanks
  10. I hope you have a fantastic time and take lots of pictures. Let's see..these are the questions I can think of right now. Can you please ask her if its an additional cost to have a white wooden aisle? How many cigars does the cigar roller make? 1 per guests? is there a list of cake flavors? or the name of the bakery she uses so maybe we can look them up online? what is the earliest time she allows brides to get to jellyfish if they plan to get ready at the restaurant? Thank you!
  11. chavari chairs are 5 dollars each, not sure about white wooden ones. Do you ladies think it is tacky or ackward to use the same chairs for the ceremony and reception? I dont know how I feel about my guests seeing the jellyfish staff taking the chairs from ceremony site and then placing indoors but it kind of sucks to double the expense if I dont use the same chairs. Thoughts?
  12. Hello Brides! I am getting married July 11th 2014 at Jellyfish Restaurant. After much back and forth about what resort to stay in with my guests and changing my mind a million times I finally decided on PPR. I have some questions I hope you ladies can answer I just saw on the paradisus app that gabi beach restaurant is exclusively for royal service and reserve guests. I was under the impression that this was the buffet at the main restaurant and it would be assesible for everyone. What is the name of the buffet? Do all brides automatically get a room upgrade? If so, would the upgrade be to royal service or reserve? Thank you!
  13. I have booked Katya but I had been in contact with another photography team that had good work and were reasonably priced. Shoeboxphotography.ca they are based in vancouver but also shoot weddings in punta cana. I saw this offer in their website: If you book your destination Punta Cana wedding photography with us before October 1 2013 you’ll receive a ‘rock the dress – again’ session complimentary! {$400 value} It’s valid for bookings this Fall | Winter | Spring 2013-2014 only so if you dig our style & want us for your wedding, don’t wait! Good luck!
  14. Congrats on booking your date. I am getting married the 11th. It's funny how I picked July because its supposed to be low season yet it seems like July is the busy month for weddings at Jellyfish. I think I read July 2014 is fully booked! Mayte must really be a super woman, I dont know how she is able to coordinate all these decor elements and details for all types of different weddings on a daily basis! Has anyone ever been able to send or give Mayte access to their pinterest board? I imagine this to be easier than emailing her pdfs. Does anyone know if its even possible to email a pinterest board? Thanks ladies
  15. how long was dinner? I know the drinks during dinner are 10pax according to Mayte's sheet but I'm wondering if that means 1 hour, 2 hours? thanks
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