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  1. Hi Everyone, A quick question for all those brides (and grooms) getting married at MDC...does anyone know what the standard decorations for a wedding at MDC are? I can't seem to get an answer about this. I'm having a hard time finding out what are the basic included and optional upgrades available at MDC for weddings. For instance, I didn't know that the draped tulle (I think that's what it is) on the wedding gazebo is an additional charge and not included. I only found out because I specifically asked, and that's the bigger problem!! I'm worried that there will be a bunch of things that I won't even know to ask about! Any former brides, help!
  2. Hi Everyone, Just trying to gather some information on airport transfers from Montego Bay to Negril. For those taking care of their guests' airport transfer, are you using the transportation offered by MDC? or arranging transfers on your own? Thanks!
  3. So glad to hear. Reassures me that I made the right decision about the all inclusive package! I'll be getting married just shortly before you on May 31st!
  4. Hey! I don't know why I said my date is on May 14, it's actually May 31!! Yes, I did buy the resort out for the wedding. Now just hoping that I can get enough people to put their deposit down on time! Also, do you know if MDC allows sky lanterns? Living social has a deal going on....
  5. Hi Everyone! So excited! I've submitted my deposit, so I'm confirmed at Moon Dance for May 14th 2014! Sooo happy that that is done! Is anyone else in the same boat? Thanks
  6. Thanks Carrie! I actually did get some menus from Kim but only one of them had prices...I think I'm going to go with the All Inclusive, I don't want people to worry about the cost of food/drinks while they are they. I know that the all-inclusive option may price some people out, but ultimately I just want whoever is able to make it to have a great time.
  7. Oops! I actually meant Moon Dance Cliffs! Thoughts?
  8. Hi Everyone! I've tentatively booked May 31, 2014 for my wedding at MDV! So excited! For other MDV brides, I'm wondering what your thoughts are about the all inclusive option. How good is the food? Is it worth the $125/night? also, does anyone have the menu and prices for the restaurants on the resort if you don't go with the all inclusive option? Thanks!
  9. So pretty!! Was it a private dinner? I'm the process of trying to secure a date for either February or May of next year, but it takes quite a long time for them to respond back, so it's been frustrating!
  10. Great review!!! I'm hoping to book within the next couple of days. Just a quick question, I spoke with Loreto at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and he assured me that their policy was no more than one wedding per day....is that not the case??
  11. Hi Everyone!! I've been lurking for a long time and have been blown away by all the helpful advice! My hubby-to-be and I are agonizing about where to get married. It looks like its going to be Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, because it seems like a fun, pretty, and affordable AI resort. The only thing is that I am a little anxious about the reception site. I don't really like the idea about having the reception at Tony's restaurant. I want something that's a little more intimate and a lot more beautiful. I'm wondering if pictures others have posted of their receptions at Tony's don't do the actual space justice. It's really important to me that the reception space be beautiful. Has anyone had their reception on the beach? Is that even possible? I suppose that any space can be made beautiful with enough decorative touches.... Help!
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