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  1. Blushrose...was your ceremony in English or Spanish? And did you have the trio of Spanish singers?
  2. I'm so glad I seen you're posts. It didn't seem like many people were posting getting married at this site. I am getting married here April 28th. A lot of my day is similar to your blushrose. Mine is at the piscis as well and I chose the same menu. I have an open bar as well. I was planning on having the ceremony at the beach but I may wait and decide upon arrival. Your pics look beautiful at the garden gazebo. I am having dj mannia for the night. It is too bad it ends at 11.. Not very late. Did you have a welcome dinner? I wasn't going to have apps since my ceremony is at 4. Or would you still recommend it. Did they have a variety of colours in the flowers to choose from? I would like tropical flowers with a main focus on coral. Any other suggestions would be helpful! I'm glad you had a good wedding and vacation week!
  3. Hi I am also getting married there on April 28. Expecting around 30 people. Our reception is at the piscis.
  4. I'm getting married at the esmeralda in April 2014. Just booking the restaurant now at either il capricio, piscis, or garden grill. Having trouble as they say if you want drinks you need to have an open bar. I have trouble believing this. What have you guys done? I'm also having dj mannia. Any advice regarding restaurants? I'm expecting 30 to 40 people.
  5. Great dj!

    We used DJ Mannia for our wedding in Punta Cana at the Esmeralda Bahia Principe in April 2014. We are so glad we did! He was so attentive to our every need and made sure we were happy with everything. It made a world of difference for our reception and dance. He even made a special speech regarding marriage and love that was specific to us. I would recommend DJ mannia to any wedding! Thank you so much for helping make our wedding extra special, fun and stress free!
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