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  1. Wedding Review! Hello ladies, I have followed this blog for awhile and recently got married at BBPD on 2/22. I wanted to share my thoughts because I know other peoples entries helped me so much! 1. The resort is beautiful! It is extremely large, so be ready to walk. All in all, there is nothing to complain about. The views are fantastic and the ocean is picture-perfect! We were upgraded to the master suite, which was fantastic! Make sure to really ask about your free upgrade, if your wedding package included that. We were Club Premium, (highly recommend) and the Club Premium office was extremely helpful with all of our needs. 2. Dinner Reservations- Plan ahead! This was probably the biggest annoyance while there, which really wasn't a huge deal! Just be prepared to eat late because normal dinner times are reserved fast. When accommodating large groups, they will tell you they cannot book more than 12 people, but show them some "cash" and they will magically find a way We tried a variety of restaurants and enjoyed most of them. Top Choice for food- Japanese steakhouse (reserve the hibachi table) Our worst food= seafood 3. Wedding!! Aris was our wedding planner and she had it all covered! We had a quick meeting with her a few days prior to the wedding to finalize all the details. We had the tangerine package and were very pleased with everything! Location- Garden Gazebo! OMG it was so pretty and private; peacocks and parrots were in the background! We were looking for a private and intimate ceremony and we couldn't have asked for more. The beach is gorgeous, but definitely not private for the ceremony. The decorations and flowers were wonderful, the musical trio was a great touch, and we splurged on the "cocktail hour" for our guests. All the guests said that the appetizers were the best! Our reception was at Bar Higuey- once again, spectacular! Everything is closely located to the gazebo and we were the only people there! The set-up is breathtaking and we couldn't have dreamed of anything better! I trusted Aris and went with the centerpieces that came with the Tangerine package and I'm so glad I didn't fuss over that! They were a fish bowl with flower and floating candle. Honestly, nobody pays attention to them and I'm so glad I didn't make the hassle to bring my own! Music- We opted to rent the speakers and microphone and opted for no DJ. It worked out great and used an App that organized all of our music. The reception goes by very very quick and it was over before we knew it! Wedding Food- All of our guests said, "this was the best food of our whole vacation" and they were not lying. We had the goat cheese salad, filet, and creme brule. It was FANTASTIC! Our wedding cake was vanilla with strawberry filling with a butter cream frosting. Once gain, SPECTACULAR!! After the wedding, we rode the train back, and continued the party at Bar Carey, the casino, and the disco. All in all, it was fabulous! I trusted Aris completely and there was nothing for me to worry about. Photography- We went with Tropical Pictures and were very pleased. We got the silver package and our photographer got some spectacular photos! A few days after the wedding, we received the CD will all of the wedding pictures. Ladies, I know it stressful trying to plan but believe me, it will all work out. They are professionals and do weddings several times a day. We had a wonderful vacation and wedding and I will now advocate for destination weddings!! Let me know if you have any questions! laurieewald@@gmail.com
  2. So, who does the symbolic ceremony if you don't hire Pastor York?
  3. Thanks! I finally received a response from Daniela and now Aris is my WC! Feeling much better now!
  4. Ladies- Anybody have a different email for a WC?? After Marlene quit, I have yet to hear from anybody and I am starting to get really frustrated. It has been weeks and nobody will respond! Wedding is in Feb, deposit is made, and waiting to hear back! The only email I have is bavaro.bodas@barcelo.com
  5. Samantha- Would you mind emailing me that picture? I also have the tangerine package and have not received that. Agreed- the Christmas tree one is horrible! laurieewald@gmail.com Thank you very much!
  6. I feel your frustration! I found out on here that Marlene had quit and now I cannot get a response from anybody!!
  7. Hey Bjeantil- Your wedding was beautiful!! I am also getting married in the garden gazebo- Does the aisle runner and the purple decorations on the aisle come with the tangerine package?
  8. Thanks for the information! I may just end up paying the extra baggage fee of a suitcase and not having to worry about it!
  9. Hey PinkSolaire- I am shocked about Marlene....She is/was my WC and had no idea! Who did you email at the resort to get a different WC? Who is the best WC at BBPD? One more think to worry about! Thanks for the heads up! Laurie
  10. I believe I read somewhere that you can ship boxes one week before your wedding...I am feeling the same way! The stuff adds up quickly and do you really want to pay extra baggage fees and the hastle of carrying it? On the other hand, I'm curious how expensive it will be to ship boxes to DR. Keep us posted if you find out anything!
  11. I am getting married in February and am working with a travel agent. We set up package deals and sent a flyer to guests in June. We set a tentative deadline for booking with the TA by July 12 and already got a lot of success! With a TA, guests are able to make monthly payments and takes a little money stress off of them. We are having a small wedding, but already have 28 guests committed! I wanted to give my guests the longest amount of time possible and I will be sending formal invites out probably 3 months prior, even though I already know who is coming! I agree, it is definitely hard and stressful trying to pick a timeline!
  12. Hey LovelyGemini- I am feeling the same way about centerpieces and am currently working on creating my own, that are airplane friendly. If you get a chance, could you email me the samples of what Aris send you on centerpieces? I have not been able to get a copy yet! laurieewald@gmail.com Thanks so much!!
  13. Hey MissJali- From what I have read, white is standard and you pay extra for colored napkins. I have also read that some brides bring their own colored napkins. I am also getting the Tangerine Package and am assuming I will be having white napkins.
  14. Thanks Teena84 for sharing! Great pictures! What is the trick of getting around using the Tropical Pictures company that BBPD offers? How did you hire an independent photographer? Did you just pay their day pass or were there other fees? Thanks- I'm just curious because I'm really not impressed with the packages of Tropical Pictures. Any advice would be great! Laurie
  15. Hey Ladies- Anyone have the PDF document for the color swatches/options at Bavaro Palace Deluxe? If so, would you be so kind to send it to me? Laurieewald@gmail.com THANK YOU!!
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