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    Hi all, My fiance and I are from the UK and are looking to book HRH for our wedding. I am getting together initial ideas and trying to get a budget together, so a few questions really I am hoping people may be able to help me with: 1) What did/are you guys do/doing about your evening plans? We went to a wedding in Mexico in 2010 which was lovely, the wedding was at 5pm and then after a champagne toast at a bar we went to an area by the beach for meal and evening do. All of this was great, but at 10pm the music was turned off and they started packing up the bar - we were all then a bit lost for what to do and most of us ended up going our separate ways shortly after this. I really don't want this to happen at my wedding so for me I feel this bit requires a bit more attention/questions asked on options! The website I find very confusing for letting me know what is and isn't included etc. so some advice there would be great also as I have seen people talking about hiring external DJs. Any details people could provide and ballpark of extra costs involved would be great thanks. 2) I have seen people have had fire dancers etc. were they hired externally or were you able to choose these with the resort? Also, has anybody had fireworks? The wedding in mexico we attended was a palace resort and would not allow fireworks, sparklers, lanterns etc. and I would really love a firework display if it is allowed at all. 3) Has anyone altered things such as the cake included in the package - e.g. is it possible to ask for a tier of cupcakes and if yes is it easy to interchange these sorts of things? Any help is greatly appreciated!