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  1. I am right on the same boat as you & trying to pick somewhere in the same area! I've been crazy busy at work so I haven't been able to research much but thankfully I have some time!
  2. Omg I know how much you were looking forward to Roatan! What a tough decision! But I'm sure it was for the best and your wedding will be beautiful nonetheless! Good luck!
  3. I agree! But he's one of those people that will wear as suit when needed no matter the temp outside - so we'll see!
  4. Wow your invitations are incredible! They are def different! Congrats!
  5. "Make a different photo with each table number" - OMG blew my mind! I'm taking my photos in DR in 3 weeks and I'm def going to be doing this! Now to find nice numbers to hold up..
  6. Sgreen - love your invitation and guestbook! They look great!
  7. Tonia - got your e-mail! thanks so much!
  8. Jello - Congrats on your wedding! But how did you plan with the WC how many people for the reception etc if you didnt have an exact number? How did she quote you then?
  9. love the suit your FI picked out - mine wants to wear an actual suit! ugh lol. Hopefully I can convince him to wear something like this. Congrats too! Everything looks great!
  10. All these pictures are gorgeous! Absolutely love them! I was really not sold on the TTD idea but now got the idea of buying a second dress for it, I might go for it! Love this forum!
  11. Ideally I'd want the resort to put it in each room but if they charge I'm going to go with handing them out at the welcome dinner. I don't want to complicate myself with too much to pack so I'm limiting the OOT bag contents to a few things from here and 1 or 2 things I can buy locally (was thinking little tequila bottles and shot glasses)?
  12. I wasn't going to at first, but after this thread I def want to start a binder! Thanks!
  13. Tonia - I love the "Somewhere sunny and warm" Idea! I think I will def use that on our STD's. Thanks again!
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