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    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Would you be able to email me the price list? Elysefrancey@gmail.com thanks!!!!
  2. elysefrancey

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Hi everyone! I have emailed the jellyfish and have yet to receive a response.... I was wondering if someone could send me the 2013 price list? Does anyone know how the prices compare to most resorts? We will be staying at the Majestic Elegance next march! Thanks!
  3. elysefrancey

    JellyFish for 2014:

    opps not resort....restaurant....
  4. elysefrancey

    JellyFish for 2014:

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this thread, however I am thinking about the Jellyfish resort for my wedding next March. Would you be able to email me any information. elysefrancey@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. elysefrancey

    JellyFish Brochure with Prices

    Would someone mind emailing it to me! elysefrancey@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. Would anyone be able to email me what the cost was for a wedding at the jellyfish Punta Cana - elysefrancey@gmail.com Thanks!