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  1. For our wedding, they provided spot lights on the Tequila Terrace and we had lighting for the music even though we brought our friend as a DJ. There was enough light to really see and not to much that we were spot lighted. I don't think you really need more lighting as you have the glow from restaurants and the ones they provide for you. We used a credit card and I think they kind of prefer that. I wouldn't travel with that much money for sure. For money at the resort you only need tip money and that is at your preference. I would suggest telling guests to bring small bills if you want to tip as they never have money to give you small bills back. We didn't get any pesos and that was fine even going to the same shopping area we used American dollars. I do had some friends that got pesos and they said that was fine for tipping and buying stuff at the biazrre the have a few nights during the week. We just brought our cash we wanted to spend, but they do have an ATM at the resort. Unless you are planning on shopping a lot or going off site you don't need a lot of money, its an all inclusive. We didn't have more then $2000 total in cash and we had tons of extra.
  2. JoniA My flowers were from the resort. In my final wedding form you send back 30 days out I copied pictures from online I like and asked them to do things similar. When meeting with Juan Carlos he told me which flowers were actually available during that time. I was pretty easy going so I was not upset when he said they didn't have regular callie lillies. I focused more on color and my bouquet which I wanted as white roses only. But in the end the bouquets ended up being exactly what I wanted. I ordered them as bouquets and not centerpieces. The resort provided the vases and moved them onto the tables for me during cocktail hour. The shoe cubby I think is portable if there isn't another wedding using it that same day. For the ceremony we used CD for the walking in and out. I provided the music on my ipod and Juan Carlos played it for us. I do think rules have changed for live music but I think you could pay extra or just have your DJ start playing soft background music during your cocktail hour. Good luck!!
  3. Here is my very delayed review I put on Trip Advisor!! It has been about two months since our destination wedding at the Now Sapphire on June 19!! The whole process leading up was slow, but I realized that they were focused on making me happy so I just had to be patient. I worked with a travel agent to book my rooms for my guests which is the way to go for sure. Check in and Rooms: Upon arrival we were brought to the preferred lounge to check in even though we decided not to do the preferred. We were upgraded to a preferred oceanfront from a deluxe oceanfront. We were in room 110, it was the best room ever! It was beautiful and so close to everything. Our guests were all over the resort so that was a bit disappointing at first, but we realized we could easily find people anywhere quite easily. Some people weren't able to check in until 6pm but for the most part they had all our rooms ready to go. Our room was cleaned by 11am everyday. My brother's family did have some issue with clean rooms, but just had to call and they were their right away. A huge reminder, it is Mexico so they work a littler slower and things don't happen in 5 minutes. Wedding Meeting: This was great and we spent 1.5 hours with Juan Carlos going over every detail. He even let us add a rehearsal for my family members who wanted to make sure the day went great. I gave him a whole suitcare of decorations and he did everything from there. Salon/Hair and Makeup: We make appointments 4-5 months out for the wedding day. We brought pictures to show the ladies doing it. Everything went great. My niece didn't like her hair at first, but after some clarification it was fixed to her happiness. My hair stayed all day along with my makeup despite the humidity trying to make me melt. All my girls all liked the hair and makeup and enjoyed the experience. My mother's makeup was done a little dark around the eyes, we just blended it a little after it was it was perfect. Wedding: . After the salon we had food wating for us in our room as the girls were gettting ready and I was put into my dress. They had golf cart come and pick up the girls so we didn't get too hot waiting outside. The guys were able to wait in the preferred lounge to stay cool and then they greeted the guests before the ceremony started. The ceremony was great, we did a symbolic and it was great. We had a lady from resort do the ceremony, she said nice things about love and it lasted about 20 minutes. She didn't understand my husband's name as Bob so we used Robert, which was cute in itself. She had a little congrats document we got to sign during the ceremony so it looked like a license. The videographer was there for the whole ceremony right besides our photographer amorcitocorazonstudio.com. Following the ceremony we greeted guests and had the first of two toasts with champagned included in the package. The cocktail we had start about 45 minutes after the ceremony. The only bad thing was we didn't get any of the apps as our friends and family ate them before we joined the cocktail hour. The reception was great we were on the Tequila Terrace and beach for everything. Our party was 43 people. IT was perfect size. We did 5 tables for our guests It was nice to be on the end of the resort as there was an empty lot next to it. There were people eating dinner at the Bluewater Grill, but they didn't bother us. If anything our music took over their meal. A friend was our DJ and had the music nice and loud!The only thing is we decided to get guac/salsa and chips delivered later in the night. We didn't know when the food came so no one really ate it. The little bit we had was great!! Food: The food was very good. The wait time for the restaruants could get long as it was first come first serve. So we tended to go right at 6pm to put our name in. If you wanted a large group together go and wait a little before so you wouldn't eat at 10pm. But any ground arou 4-6 wait was about an hour. We didn't mind as we would get a drink, but stay in area so make sure they would seat you. The room service was different times so hard to count on for a specific time. We loved the japanese steak house, bluewater grill. The wedding food was the best by far!! Also we went fishing one day and was able to bring it back and they cooked it up for our group of 43 people. It was wonderful!! Photographers: We used amorcitocorazonstudio for our wedding! They were amazing and so much fun. They stayed a hour past our scheduled time. It was very hot our wedding day so we moved slow and waited for great pictures. I didn't feel like we took forever and we got to enjoy our reception with our guests. We are still waiting on the final copy. Can't wait, the hints they showed us were amazing. They prepared a slideshow for our reception back home, it was great and people were so glad to see our wedding day from their eyes. IT was perfect! I would tell anyone to have their wedding or vacation there. We were there a week and it was perfect, the staff went above and beyond what we needed. Remember it is Mexico so things are done a bit slower and the night life stops around midnight, but other than that it was great!
  4. As for the photographer and videographer, I wanted to cancel the photographer, but we just used him for the cocktail hour and it was perfect as we were taking private pictures with the photographer we hired. The videographer made a 30 minute video of the before, whole ceremony and some fun shoots after. I'm not sure how much more they could have included and I know Juan Carlos didn't let us exchange for anything else.
  5. I Made Appts. About 5 Months Out As I Wanted Us To Be Done At Certain Time. You Can Email Salon Or I Had Juan Carlos Do It For Me.
  6. Stephanie, I Used The Salon For Hair And Makeup. So Did Several Of My Girls And My Mom. They Did Great-I Told People To Bring Photos Of How They Wanted Things DonE. The Makeup Lasted Through The 90+ Heat As I WaS Sweating My Butt Off. My Hair Was Up And Never Fell Down. My Niece Was Not Happy At First With Her Hair But They Fixed It Until She Was Happy. I Would Recommend Them To Use Just Bring Photos As They Dont Speak English Well. We Used The Guitar, It Was Awesome And Everyone Thought He Was Great!
  7. I used Jacob and Anel from amorcitocorazonstudio.com They were awesome and very reasonably priced!
  8. Kathy and Ethan: The shoe cubby was there and provided by the resort at NO CHARGE. Juan Carols said they let everyone use it. I had my ceremony on the beach in front of the Tequila Terrace and I saw it there all week during the day. I did use all 7 bouquets as my 5 table centerpieces, plus on my guest signing book table there was my bouquet and one on the bar I think. They spread them out nicely for me. They provided the vases for the flowers at NO CHARGE as well. I had heard some people were getting charged for those. So be clear with them. Honestly I wouldn't pay extra for any actual centerpieces, the bouquets were enough and the size of the tables it was perfect. I used that extra money elsewhere on gifts for guests such as tequila!
  9. Hello Brides, I'm still writing my review.. hard as everything was almost perfect. But here is my slideshow from my photographer Anel and Jacob from Amorcito Corazon. They were amazing and would highly recommend them. I will finish up my review by the end of this week and post a link! Happy planning Ladies. www.pete.amorcitocorazonstudio.com @@Curly Kristen - I used the resort florist.. They did one centerpiece which was included in my package, and 6 bouquets which I used after the ceremony for the my centerpieces on the guest dinner tables. They were exactly what I wanted and I loved them. I also did corsages and boutinerres. In my slideshow I posted they have some pictures of them. The bouquest cost $65 a piece, I told them my budget and they didn't try to push me to go over at all. I didn't want to deal with the vendors offsite. I was very pleased with the resort florist. Let me know if you have other questions or want more photos.
  10. Hey Ladies, So sorry I haven't been back on the blog since my wedding on June 19th. Things got crazy once we returned after being their two weeks. Also we are having our reception back home this coming Saturday. But I'm planning on writing my review this week and if any ladies want to know more about working with Juan Carlos, having a wedding party of 43 guest and such just shoot me the questions! I can tell you it was the best and more then I could have even imagined. It was perfect. There were so hiccups with our guests in terms of people of having groups over 6 for dinner, but I guess I was okay with waiting and having a drink. YOu just have to be good about going early and then when you are hungry you will probably be seated then. Hope that makes sense. So future brides it will be great and relax you get to talk about everything once you are there and they are pros at this kind of stuff.!!
  11. Vanessa and Ginger!!! Ladies have a wonderful wedding and enjoy the week! I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks now! I keep seeing rain in forecast I hope it clears up for you all!
  12. Zeman, I totally felt like you, but as I'm realizing being only 29 days out from my wedding is they really do everything for you done there. I sent in my form 2 months ago as I was excited too. But I just focused on the little things we are bringing down with us, but realize they do everything for us... the food, flowers, liquor, decore, photos and so forth. Hang in there.
  13. Hi, do you have playing cards? Are they regular sized decks of cards? Thanks, Megan
  14. Dina, Do they steam suits? My FH is wearing a linen suit and all his groomsmen are wearing linen pants. Ahh only 53 days! Getting nervous, but excited all at once.
  15. I'm flying United Airlines... I wanted to just do a garment bag, but I had a friend do a Mexico wedding last Oct. and the flight attendents didn't help her at all. Don't want to be stuck pushing it in somewhere. But maybe I'll think more and find a nicer garment bag that isn't huge. Right now we only have the little one we got when we bought the dress, not sure if that would help protect it. Where did you get your garment bag? Thanks! We are just doing a casual happy hour the night before at the Lobby bar. We didn't want to pay more money and this way people can still meet everyone but enjoy their choice of food. I ordered flip flops that are wedges so give me about 2 1/2 inches. The thong part is wrapped in ribbon and has some flowers that match my dress. Casual, but beach ready. Shoes was always out of the questions as cannot walk on the beach.
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