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  1. Hi everyone! I'm creeping on your thread, a friend of mine is looking at getting married at the Now Larimar next November so I'm doing some research for her, I'm so glad I found all this amazing information! To the brides who recently got married, congratulations!! I had the wedding of my dreams in January in Cuba and found this website to be a lifesaver, so I'm hoping it will do the same for my friend. I'm a wedding planner on the side so I'm so excited to be back on this site and gathering info for her. I look forward to reading more reviews and seeing more gorgeous photos! Cheers to all the
  2. Do you have a travel agent? Let them take care of all this stuff, that's what they are there for! If not, maybe you could ask your guests to hold off on any changes until they are absolutely sure? And perhaps make a rule, no more changes! If it's stressing you out and putting work on your plate, cut them off! Good luck!
  3. Hello! You're so sweet to ask, I've been meaning to update everyone. I've been doing really well, 17 weeks tomorrow! I'm now 4 months along, into second trimester and things are awesome! I'm still feeling good, I have a little belly now, although if you didn't know I was pregnant I just look like I had a big meal. I'm waiting for our next ultra sound so I can see the sweet babe again, and I'm anxious to start feeling movement in there too. We aren't going to find out the sex, but hubby thinks girl, and some friends think boy. We will see! It's fun to keep everyone guessing!
  4. Thanks everyone! I'll keep you updated for sure!
  5. Thanks @@csho and @@shan0487! Yes it was very quick, it only took us 2 months! We are really lucky and blessed. I don't want to find out the sex but hubby does....so....I'll probably win. heehee I'm the pregnant one afterall! Our first ultrasound is next week, I'm anxious to see the little bubble and hear the heartbeat, it will feel more real after that and I'll feel more reassured
  6. I never thought of it like that, that's definitely great inspiration to keep going when you're exhausted and have had enough. I'll keep that in mind!
  7. Well I should come clean - I am pregnant! 8 weeks today, due end of November, and so far I feel great! No sickness, I'm not overly tired, it's so weird because I don't feel pregnant at all. I keep second guessing myself. Our first ultra sound is next Tuesday, I just want to hear the heartbeat and then I'll feel much better! We are both so excited and I can't believe it happened this quickly! I count my blessings for sure.
  8. You'll have a beautiful wedding at the Riu! We actually got married in January in Cuba, it was awesome! The best day ever You'll feel the same! Best wishes!
  9. YAY YAY YAY!!! I am so excited to read this, it sounds like things are turning around, even the tone of your post sounds different, you sound happier, positive, full of confidence, like you're ready to kick some butt!! I am so happy and excited for you and can't wait to hear updates!!!
  10. We knew we would have the restaurant to ourselves for the first 45 min or so, so we planned to do speeches then. I asked my sister if she wanted to go first, and so she got the ball rolling. We only planned on a few speeches, my sister, the two best men spoke together, my parents and his parents. His sister also stood up and said something, and one of my best friends also prepared a poem for us, so those two were spontaneous, but it worked out and everything was awesome and beautiful
  11. I know it's hard to wait because you want to start planning and booking things, but that's just how it is in the travel world. Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer for pricing. If your guests are giving you a hard time about prices, when, where, etc. just tell them to chill out! You'll share the info whenever you get it - it's not like you're witholding it for the fun of it. They've gotta relax! And you should too! Relax and enjoy this time, it goes fast Prices and dates will come soon enough, and everything snowballs after that. Have fun girls!
  12. There's 8 years between us, he's older. (sometimes) LOL But neither one of us look our age. And what's cool is there's also 8 years between my parents, and they are going on 35 years of marriage! I take that as a good sign
  13. Hello! I think a welcome dinner, brunch, meet and greet, whatever you like, is a fabulous idea! We did a welcome dinner the first night everyone was there, we asked everyone to meet at the main buffet at 6pm for dinner, we had tables reserved for us (my lovely bridesmaids asked the servers if this could be arranged). This worked out really well, we all sat together, people introduced themselves and got to see who was a part of our group. We did a quick hello, thank you, we passed out our OOT bags, I handed out my bridesmaids gifts, and we also sang Happy Birthday to my husband's Aunt. (much to
  14. Don't be shy or nervous about asking for what you want! Especially if they gave you another quote and you have it in writing, it's only right they honor that. I'm no good at confrontation and negotiating either, but I find through email is always much easier! Just say you were quoted X previously and you would appreciate that price be honored. If they still give you a hassle.......BE FIRM!! Don't be nervous, you are their client and the bride!
  15. In my experience, from what I understand, the wedding packages are offered by the resort, and your TA probably won't have much pull on what they offer. The TA mostly deals with your travel arrangements, group booking, deposits, discounts, your guests can direct their travel questions to them, etc. Your TA might have information on the types of wedding packages, and what the resort can do for you, what they include, ask for the big travel books by Air Canada, Sunwing, etc, whoever your carrier will be, those books have all the info, but anything wedding day related will probably go to your res
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