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  1. @@tasha So sorry it took me so long to read this. I haven't done much for the wedding except for save pictures that I like. I really like Bego's style so I'm just saving pix from other peoples wedding. i figured in a short while I'll send it to her. I'm JUST sending out our save he dates so I'm being casual about it. I'm sure I'll freak out soon enough. I think we're going to go for the surf and turf since we are avid seafood and steak people. @MrandMrsBonito2016 $1200 includes the complete decoration only. its an extra 1000 for a private rental. Bego will surely send you a price list and it has all of that information. I think we're just going to bring down a few decor items to give it our signature, but I'm 100% trusting that I dont need a million decorations, just very nice OOT bags.
  2. @@tasha682 We've compared the resort prices and I guess they are about the same. HOWEVER. Kukua is amazing, its not in a resort so you won't have people gawking at you the entire time and its much more intimate. If you rent it exclusively which I believe is $1,000 USD then you and your guests will have the entire resort and beach to yourself which is what we are doing. The ambience is unbeatable and if you're looking for something less cookie cutter than this is the way to go. Bego is really awesome and very helpful. I'm not sure about the $500 for decorations. We're paying the entire $1200 for the ceremony, dinner and various other decorations for the ceremony which includes all linens in your colors, centerpieces, note cards, you name it. Its definately worth not lugging all that stuff in your suitcase. Planning a wedding here is virtually stress free and they are willing to work with your budget. Our resort (Gran Bahia Ambar) is right next door so we're excited that we can come check out the place by a nice stroll on the beach! Please feel free to ask me any questions. My email is my username at yahoo -Autumn
  3. Hi Everyone! Getting married at Kukua Beach Club on May 22, 2015. We are staying at the Gran Bahia Ambar. As I'm planning, I am in need of entertainment ideas. I do NOT want to do a fireshow or crazy hour, but I wanted to do something else, but not sure what? Does anyone have any ideas or can tell me what you did? Thanks!
  4. I am getting married at Kukua on May 22, 2015!!! Excited!
  5. I just stumbled across this place today! It looks amazing. I'd love to see more of your wedding photos if they're available online.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by awhiteside I Do have photos and I believe even a video of some of the areas that I can send you. I wouldn't be able to do it till later tonight or tomorrow morning though. There is no pool at Blue Venado. You may be thinking of Grand Coral , which does have a pool in their clubhouse. We actually looked at Grand Coral as well. I believe you can order flooring for the palapa. My wedding coordinator did mention that but I don't know the costs. I don't think there is an indoor area for getting ready. I'll try and upload the pictures tonight. By the way, if its a pain in the butt you can always email me at autumnstaats@gmail.com . Do you know where you are getting your hair and makeup done?'
  7. Joyce, do you know if there is an indoor area for the bride to get ready inside and have makeup done etc or is it 100% an outside facility? Can't wait to get started!
  8. I loved Grand Coral, but it was too expensive. I think Blue Venado is less expensive and is more secluded and beautiful. Once I see those photos I will be able to decide. Then I'm going to hire Joyce from Dreamweddings and get the show started!! She is awesome and so knowledgeable.
  9. omg that would be amazing!! It would really help me to finalize my destination! Thank you so much!!!
  10. Does anyone have site visit photos they can share? I'm also hoping that we can order flooring for under the palapa as some people have walking issues and don't quite like the sand. Does anyone know where "the pool" is? Is there even a pool, I think I've seen it in a few photographs. Also, is there any indoor resting areas or a place for the bride to get ready?
  11. Does anyone know what the policy is for bad weather? It didn't look like it could withstand rain being all sand.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm considering BV as a venue for our wedding. We originally decided on Grand Palladium, but then we found terrible reviews of the actual resort from travel agents... so then we opted for Paradisus but their vendor fees are outrageous and they have horrible communications problems so now we're just thinking about trying to spend a little extra if we can and have it here! I've emailed them and hopefully they will get back to me soon. Does anyone know what the turnaround time is for them to email back? Also, is there a big deposit and do you have to only use their vendors?
  13. If you find out any other information michellec24 please let me know!
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