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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by RexandKia These photos are for KimmyB (and anyone else that is interested!). Sorry it's taken me so long to post them. We just returned from our honeymoon. Our wedding was on Isla Beach and we held our reception at the Element Terrace. Let me know if you need more info/pictures! . Thanks! Where did you get the baskets for the shoes from? Did the resort provide them?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by EVKnowsitall I love your laidback nature. From your invites I can tell you guys are a fun couple. Invites should say something about the couple and these certainly do. Super cute! haha - you're like a mind reader!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Peach I love these! Good job! So awesome! Thank you They took me all night but everyone loved how they turned out!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobeawalsh I will add my vote to that!! Hahah - I never really thought of it. I'm not sure it would be worth the time it took me to make this (about 8 hours!). But you guys have me thinking! What would something like this go for? $30? $50? Maybe I'll start taking orders
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by m8chow Hmmm.... I guess printing in colour and framing could have a similar affect. I never thought of that, thanks soontobeawalsh!! I def still want to do something like this. It's such a great idea. You could get cute vinyl letters (sticker packs) from Michael's or Joanns! Then you can mix and match styles too to get a similar look and feel
  6. I came up with this idea by blending together the new trend for chalkboard wedding signs, the “pick a seat, not a side†mentality and the need for something that would pack and travel well to a destination wedding. I completed it yesterday in just a few hours - detailed step-by-step instructions are on my blog here.
  7. We wanted a certain retro feel to ours so I did a ton of searching online for inspiration and then designed our own!
  8. You should just create your own on your own domain. I did mine!
  9. Since I used to design websites and I'm a blogger, I went ahead and just created my own. Let me know if I can help with yours! benandjeana.com
  10. Thanks Tammy! I was actually just at Moon Palace last week and did a site tour/inspection with both the sales manager and wedding coordinator. They both told me November (early - before Thanksgiving) was the end of their low season as that is when hurricane season officially ends (end of Nov). Regardless, I appreciate the insight on pricing and how bookings work. I am very interested in using your agency to assist in planning my wedding. I in contact with Virgilia currently - is this the correct person? Thanks again!!
  11. If you want sunset photos, i recommend having your ceremony 1.5-2 hours BEFORE sunset. if you have your ceremony at sunset, you wont have much light for your after photos...
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