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  1. So I went for my first dress fitting today. I was so happy when I put it on and saw the way it looked. I've lost 15 lbs and ordered the dress a size smaller than what I was wearing at that time and the same size as I had on when I purchased the dress. I was soo happy when I could step into it and pull it up, I couldn't do that before. I came out of the dressing room and was so excited and started taking some pictures and then the seamstress showed up. In a matter of minutes she deflated the high I was on. She proceeded to tell me that the dress is too small, the underlay is bunching too much at my hips/waist. She was adamant that I either let it out or come back in two weeks but that I need to lose another 10 lbs in order for the dress to fit properly. I was so devastated and upset that I left and made an appointment to come back in two weeks. And I came home to cry to my fiance. So I need to know what you think. And please be honest. I'm going to continue doing what I have been with my diet and exercise but I don't think it will be feasible for me to lose 10 lbs in two weeks. And I don't know if its really necessary. side note: don't mind the cap sleeves, I'm going to have them shortened to sleeves instead.
  2. Hey! I get married on the 6th at 3:00! That's what I did with my documents and haven't heard any issues from Keisha. I emailed her telling her I sent them and she said she would let me know if there was any issues with them.
  3. Hello, i sent you a private message about the calla lilly bouquets. do you have pics of them and do you know what it would cost to ship them to Toronto, Canada? postal code L7E 3Y3
  4. 50 days for me!.....can't believe how quickly time is passing by.....
  5. Definitely add the sash. It looks gorgeous with it and on you!
  6. I agree. I've tried it twice. Once when I went away and it did last two weeks even with all the exposure to the pool water and ocean. I did it again when I got engaged cause I wanted my nails to look presentable for longer than a day that they would have with a regular manicure. I mean after all I didn't want the beauty of my ring to be overshadowed by my gross finger nails. LOL! I plan on doing it right before I leave for Jamaica. I'm confident that it will last a few days before the wedding date.
  7. That's so horrible! Its a huge resort I'm sure they can accommodate 10 extra people for one day. And to have to wait until the day of the wedding to get an answer is totally ridiculous. I do not blame you for looking elsewhere, I would have done the same.
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by itswrightsc I have been looking at some of the transport company's I want to be able to pay a company to transport my guest since their paying to come and the hotel doesn't offer it. My plan is the make it fix in the budget... I have a friend who is from Jamaica and his cousin owns a tour company but I don't remember the name right this min will post/ text it later for you and others Transportation is including in our price as well but I was going to ask my TA about this once I knew how many people were coming for sure. If we are a large group and could fill a bus I would like to arrange our own private bus. The last time we were in Jamaica we waited about an hour and a half for the resort bus to show up and would like to avoid that this time. It was hot and crowded and not the greatest experience. Hopefully she'll be able to arrange something for us.
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by DANIELLE03 UGh, Well depending on what information my Travel Agent comes back with in regards to some issues we are having, we now may be having our wedding off resort. SMh That sucks! What happened? What issues are you having?
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by moodyc82 Great job girl! I'm on that site, you can add me if you want Cindym82. I've lost 20.4lbs using it YAY for RSVP's you are the reason I downloaded the app. You've mentioned it before on this forum. So thank you!
  11. Ladies! I have a few updates for you. We got our first RSVP back and it was exciting to see it in the mailbox! It was from my in laws but still I am getting excited to start hearing responses. Secondly, I'm so thrilled to tell you that I have officially lost 10 lbs and about 7 inches. I can't tell you how happy I was this morning when I got on the scale! I downloaded the FitnessPal app for my touch and have been using it since Friday. It is very helpful. Makes you aware of what you are eating. My finance thinks i am nuts going around the kitchen scanning barcodes but hey it keeps me accountable. I wish it had a better database for all the workout dvd's out there. I've had to enter my workouts by monitroing my heart rate throughout the DVD and then entering it myself. That is my only complaint for the app otherwise it is great. I have about 3 months before my dress comes in and I am hoping to lose another 10 by then. Wish me luck!
  12. I made mine with my sister's help. She does cards and stuff on the side and had all the tools/cutters/stamps which made it more affordable for me. It cost me about $50 to make 40 which is about 1.25 each. Mind you that doesn't include stamps and i spent $65 for the outside and return stamp. I had to put 1.34 stamps on all of them due to the weight and thickness. The brad that I used to hold the passes together was a little bulky so when they tried to put it through a fake normal mail slot at the post office it didn't pass through and i needed to up the stamp for it. Totally ridiculous and a money grab if you ask me. But I guess I would have had to spend that for the stamps whether I made the invites or someone else did. I am really happy with how they turned out. I just mailed them out on Monday and already have been getting so many compliments on them. Here are some pics....
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