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  1. We just had our wedding in Feb with 27 people, had the DJ which we extended an hour and had the full reception. It was incredible and more than worth it!!!! It was definitely not too much. We had the MC run the show and he was really good at making sure everyone was up and having a blast! When I have time I'll post some photos. We had a small wedding (27 people) and made one welcome bag per couple which we had a thank you note, week and wedding itinerary, custom made Tervis's, custom made koozies, snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, sour skittles, etc), tissues. We had a few kids and included in their bag a coloring book with crayons, some blow up pool toys, beach ball, etc in their bag which had the same stuff as the adults bag.
  2. Hey Kristina, Karina has always gotten back to us within 24 hours and just did so last night. Are you sure you have the correct email address? Jen
  3. Hey, We booked with Karina but are wedding isn't for another 5 weeks. We just e-mailed her about our Trash the Dress Shoot, I'll let you know if I hear back from her.
  4. We had thought about having some sort of booze/catamaran cruise for our rehearsal dinner, however, they were all really expensive. I found this website http://www.marinarium.com/sunny-day/ and http://www.viator.com/tours/Punta-Cana/Catamaran-Cruise-to-Saona-Island-from-Punta-Cana/d794-2476SICC Never got further than that though. I would go on trip advisor and check some reviews
  5. Thanks so much for your pictures!! We are getting married in 3 months! We were thinking maybe twinkle lights draping and are trying to get a better idea if it will look good. Do you have any more pictures from the reception? Also, did you guys have a blue lighting by the trellis?? Anyone with more pictures from the reception at the pool would be soooo helpful!? Thanks!!
  6. There are numerous places you can have your reception and ceremony that are included in the various wedding packages. Some restaurants; however, do cost more money as mentioned and can be 5k. We're getting married at the fountains and having our ceremony at the relaxing pool.
  7. Another question Mvee and anyone else...Did you pack all of the decorations that you brought or did you ship them or a little of both? Thanks!
  8. Hey, thanks so much for your review! It's really helpful to hear everyone's feedback re: their wedding! Our wedding is set for February 2014. Do you have any pictures you can post?
  9. I'm not sure if you are aware but if you guests stay at another resort there is a visitor pass that you or they have to purchase to attend your wedding or get on the resort. Just an FYI
  10. Did anyone have a rehearsal dinner or plan an excursion? We were thinking about a catamaran cruise dinner or something like that for either the rehearsal dinner or for an "activity"? Any suggestions?
  11. Hey Kristen! Thanks so much for all of the detailed information!!! Do you have any pictures? Out "colors" are turquoise and white but was thinking of doing minimal turquoise at the reception as well because i thought the white looks classy as well. How was the lighting by the pool. Is it pretty dark, do they have any lighting that they put up or is mostly just natural lighting, tiki torches (that you chose) and maybe candles? Thanks!! Jen
  12. Thanks WBA, I spoke with my wedding coordinator and she did share that with me.
  13. Kristina - We decided to go with a different photographer because WBA seemed like they did more "posing" type photography and we were looking for more creative, artistic. Their prices were also much more expensive in regards to packages and included a lot of what we did not want (i.e. actual photos, cards, videos, etc.) However, WBA is part of our wedding package so we hired Karina Jensen (http://photobykarina.com) to photograph our entire wedding and WBA will do our ceremony or whatever our Divine Package includes. We had tried to book Katya Nova because of the great reviews, but she is out of the country from Nov 2013- Feb 2014. She gave us a list of great photographers she recommended such Desy & Vincent of RF Weddings, Cole & Jakob of Nordica Photography, Anna from Cineart.ca, Candice from Popik Photography, Karina Jensen (we are using her), Jess Shields Photography, Tamara Briggs Photography (password: dwedding) Yury Meleshko, Asia Pimentel, and Mel & Rob Shoebox Photography. Google them and check out their websites! All look like incredible photographers just a matter of what your budget is and what you are looking for. They all vary in their style. Good Luck p.s. be ware that Now Larmiar now charges a $500 fee to allow an outside photographer into the resort - it may be less expensive to book a room for the photographer since they will then be a guest at the resort...not something I have looked into just yet.
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