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  1. Hello Ladies! Has anyone had their hair/makeup done at the moon palace salon? Thoughts?? Post pics please! I'm so stuck on this last thing!!
  2. I received my FI and son's suits today! My FI's suit fits almost perfectly!!! He chose from the set sizes. My son isn't home to try his on yet. Super impressed with them!!
  3. Hi Ladies! I was hoping one of you might be able to help answer a question. My fiance and I are getting married at Moon Palace on Jan 10, 2014 (EEK!). We have tentatively booked the enclosed chapel, but will have to pick another option if someone books and requires a Catholic wedding. I started looking into the beach option and now I'm starting to lean more towards it. One of the BIG issues I have with a beach wedding (other than the fear of squinting in all my pics due to the bright sun), is how awkward people look when walking in sand (see exhibit 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDMQAEo6HNY). Does anyone know if Moon Palace has an aisle runner that is available that is a little more stable?
  4. Great idea about the flowers! I didn't think of asking them to drop them off in the lobby. Who did you use for flowers? I'm assuming any of the flowers are for decorations we are responsible for setting them up vs. the resort? Liz
  5. Mrs. Tobe, Who is your wedding coordinator? I keep hearing conflicting information about outside vendor fees. I asked Mayra about this back in May and her response was "Regarding the outside vendedors:$94 usd will apply to bring 1 photographer. Do you have another type of vendedor to bring?". Also, when I asked about Zuniga, she actually forwarded their brochures to me and said they "use Zuniga". Gah! So confusing!
  6. Hi Tammy, Thanks for the info. I weighed all of those options and it really came down to the type of couple we are. We really want things to be stress free for us. I'm a super optimistic person who travels all over the world. I've never really had any major problems and don't want to think of worse case scenarios. We're all coming from Southern California and have stops in Phoenix. I don't think we'll have any problems with weather in January. Since we're staying at Moon Palace in January, I'm confident we wont have to worry about rooms selling out.. Our rooms are booked, we've reminded our guests to book soon and that's as stressful as I want to make it. I'm a big believer in investing in travel insurance, so I'm hoping that will cover any problems we may have. I apologize if my post offended you... I just prefer to make things as easy as possible for our guests and ourselves. Letting them shop around for a great deal is on them. We have some booking through Expedia, some through Costco and a few that have used their own travel agent.
  7. Hi had the same issue and decided on having my guests book through Expedia instead. Booking through travel agents or directly through the resort will allow you to get special wedding perks like earning a free cocktail hour, etc... but I found that the prices were WAY higher than what I found on Expedia. Since Expedia allows you to book flight and hotel at once, they're able to offer a great rate. I found that on average the cost per person was at least $400 more per person! We're expecting 30 people. $400 X 30 is $12,000 more for the resort. That's ridiculous! I feel more comfortable springing for the cocktail hour instead of asking our guests to pay more. It also eliminates the stress of meeting your minimum requirements for room nights.
  8. Sorry if I'm missing something... but which salon are you talking about?
  9. I just bought a dress from Bebe to change into after the wedding and dinner. We're not having a traditional reception but will be hitting the resort's nightclub instead!
  10. Hello Everyone! I was hoping one of you might have an answer to my question. I've emailed my wedding coordinator and I'm not sure if she understands my question. I still don't know if I can get married in the chapel if we aren't Catholic. I just LOVE the way the chapel looks vs. the gazebo. The colors of the pews, the glass enclosure AND the A/C! Fingers are crossed! Liz
  11. Alyssa, can you post a link? I want to see what kind of reception dresses they might have.
  12. Hello Ladies!! We booked our January 2014 wedding and was wondering if any of you knew if there were other ceremony locations besides the beach and gazebos. I love the look of the chapel, but it sounds like you must be Catholic to have a ceremony there. Are there any other options? I don't want a sand wedding and the gazebos aren't blowing my mind. haha. Thanks!! Liz
  13. I'm really confused about this $500 vendor fee. They told me just $93 dollars.. Hmmm.. Quote: My Question: Also, can you let me know what the outside vendor fee is if we decide to use an outside photographer? WC response: One of the most popular photographers in Cancun is: Del Sol Photography (Here in copy) they can give a quotation according to your needs. The payment and arrangements is directly with them Please be advice that external vender has to pay a Day Pass. And I will require that you provide to me the following information: Vender Company: Sign Up service: Arrival Date: Arrival Time: Number of persons: Name of the person (s)
  14. Here's my dress without alterations. I'm hoping that if I lose a bit around the midsection I'll be able to get away with NOT having alterations! The went to the store by myself and the bridal consultant convinced me to buy the rhinestone belt. I wasn't too sure about it, but most people I show the pictures to insist on me wearing it. What do you think? SO excited :)
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