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  3. 5 Tips for Great Weaves Yesterday, while enjoying my weekly hair appointment with lock architect extraordinaire, Samuelle Lacombe, we started chatting about weaves, and how it can be difficult for many women of color to maintain great looking hair. With over five years of experience in the hair care industry, Sammy knows a ton about coiffing all sorts/grades of hair. I thought it’d be helpful if she offered a few tips to those who want to get care free, glamorous weaves: how to maintain it, buy good hair, and more. 1.Invest in Top Notch Service. 2. Get Good Hair, and make sure it matches y
  4. Pink Tartan Fall 2013 backstage beauty: Bold brows and blonde “country club†wigs The hair: “Kim wanted something very playful, short, bouncy, with lots of curl and movement. Something fun that represents Pink Tartan to its core, but vintage. This is good girl gone bad, but still classic.†– Jorge Joao, Redken lead stylist - The most important request was that all models at Pink Tartan Fall 2013 look the same, meaning Jorge Joao and his team were styling wigs backstage instead of actual hair. To get the right “country club†look no hot tools were used on the wigs—it was more abou
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