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  1. Ladies, Where is everyone having their reception? We were thinking of having it in the ballroom. Just for the air conditioning and extra privacy. Opinions?
  2. I am doing this too! Ana said the resort provides someone to help with the equipment so I dont see why I need a dj if we already know what songs we want to play. Money saved
  3. Oh my goodness that would have been expensive! I think I am just stressing more today because we just bought a house and had to deal with all the paperwork and wedding stuff on top of it all. I am overwhelmed lol Im sure it will all come together. For your bridesmaids are you buying a bouquet for them or going with fake flowers from home?
  4. We also went with the paradise package and were quoted 4000. I bought little maracas as favors and had some napkins made for dinner with our name and date on it. I dont know if i'll go with much more than that. My travel agent is going to look into the hotel booking for the photographer. Was the hotel policy that said you had to book min 3 nights? I have been looking online at some cute dresses for ttd. lulus.com has a few i like. I'm getting excited but really stressed too. We havent even heard back from a wedding coordinator yet. Its scaring me lol
  5. Did you book 1 night or two for the photographer? Since the ttd is the day after the wedding would one night be enough? I'm going to get a second dress for ttd too! I dont want to ruin my wedding dress and i think it would be too heavy once in the water. What package did you go with for your wedding? And how much were you quoted at? The prices they gave me were for 2014.
  6. Oh my goodness!! Thats insane pricing! I was not quoted 500 either. I think they told me 300 and I have to pay for a day pass for photograpghers helper. I will be emailing to ask for the origional price quoted to! Let me know what happens with you Congrats on the wedding!! We are getting married may 14 and using samuel luna too Our ttd is on may 15. Im super excited but kind of stressed about this new cost for outside photographer. How is everything else going with you? I havent actually spoken to the wedding coordinator my travel agent has been doing most of it so far. I am ok with that I'm not too picky. Are you getting your hair and makeup done? I have been on the fence about it. I was gonna go to mac or sephora and get them to make me over and i'll buy the products they give me. I'm getting excited now. I have to get to the gym and work off the christmas junk lol
  7. Hey everyone hope your planning is going well!! I am getting so excited only 4 months until our wedding!!! EEEkkkkk! Everyones posts are making me more excited!
  8. LOL we will have to wear a diaper maybe hahaha
  9. Oh my goodness! Thats alot!! I am bringing in an external photographer. The one they use doesnt impress me. I want good pictures
  10. Also Elicia Jump from Uniglobe travel is amazing. We love her
  11. I got my dress over the weekend!! So excited!!!
  12. It is depressing lol but whats more depressing is that the people we think are close to us and will be there to make the planning and the wedding special for us are the ones who try to ruin it with their negativity or lack of caring. This thread is great for venting and sharing
  13. This is a great thread! I am in the process of planning a DW and we have changed our resort due to comments on price from people. We are still getting negative comments. My fiances cousin even went so far as to call another travel agent and try to arrange for a cheaper trip and then proceeded to tell other people that she can get the trip cheaper. I just cannot get over some peoples behaviour. We are still waiting on people to book.....including people in our wedding party! Its stressing me out. I told my bridesmaids to chose a dress they felt great in as long as it is in the color i want and knee length and flowy. Not one of them have a dress yet. And when I send group messages about dress shopping or how everyone is comin along finding a dress I either dont hear back or they havent found anything. So frustrating. I could have picked one and said they had to buy it but I was trying to be nice. I am so happy we have this forum to vent. I dont want to complain too much to other people because I dont want to be a bridezilla. I have also found that everyone was soo excited about the engagment and wedding....now nobody talks to me about it or asks how the planning is coming along. I thought this was supposed to be a memorable and exciting experience. Honestly I feel like other people will always ruin it for you so make it about yourself!!!
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