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  1. Are your fans still available?? I am very interested!
  2. Could you email me a picture of the flowers? Stephanie.shalala@hotmail.com. Thank you
  3. I am very very interested!! Do you mind emailing me pictures? Stephanie.shalala@hotmail.com. That would be great
  4. Oh I know! and now our dollar is worth even less . I meant did you have to pay duty at the door. Sometimes when large orders arrive at your door they charge you again, but I am happy they didn't!
  5. Did you have to pay duty once your order arrived. I am also from Canada.
  6. Hi, could you email me pictures. I am very very interested. These are my wedding colors. Thank you Stephanie.shalala@hotmail.com
  7. Thanks ladies! I got the envelopes from http://paper-garden.ca/. I am from Canada, but they may ship to the USA too.
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