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  1. Ended up waiting a few days and then went on a zip lining excursion. I did not do a formal invite, just let people know where we wanted to go and a lot of them wanted to join us. Several of the couples had already went home which was okay because then I didn't feel like I was taking up the time of the guests that only stayed a few days.
  2. Still planning. Probably will up until the last minute. They are not giving me the options I want for the private reception so I am just going to think positive that it will all work out when I talk to the onsite planner. Going to organize and pack this weekend. Tricia
  3. Congratulations on the pregnancy!!! Thank you for your planning blog and all your advice. This site can be overwhelming so it was nice to follow you through this process.
  4. Sounds beautiful. Congratulations! Thanks for the tips!
  5. Thanks. I found a pearl wrist corsage on Etsy that may work. As of now no, but I am having second thoughts. My photographers husband does video so maybe I could get away with one vendor fee. Cant do another $800. I also want to do an unplugged ceremony. I figure it was only going to be short time so they could put their phones up for a little while. Might be hard to convince my step mom. They are all so worried about not getting pictures.
  6. Hi Ladies, I thought about starting a new thread but I will start on this one first. What are you ladies doing for Mother of the Bride flowers? Or are you doing MOB flowers? Somebody mentioned maybe getting them a clutch to carry instead?
  7. Sorry if I already responded to this. My mind is all over the place. I booked through Destination Weddings so she negotiated contract for me.
  8. Bride and Groom Free Promo? I would love to find out about that as well. I am trying to get enough rooms just to get a free private reception. I dont have enough yet, however our guests are staying for longer than three nights so we have a total of about 68 nights. So far I have a room upgrade and a free cocktail hour.
  9. That is insane! I have not checked yet. Let me know how it goes.
  10. It's going pretty good. I am sending out invites today although I think the guests that are going are already signed up. Got the dress. I am going a little crazy with the out of town bags; I cant stop buying! I have a photographer booked. Now I am just looking at easy inexpensive decorations I can bring. My wedding coordinator is Stephanie Collazo. I have not contacted her yet. I figured I better soon. How about you? Tricia I just noticed your date is so close! Yay! Hopefully everything is going as planned. Tricia
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