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    Jellyfish Restaurant

    I heard back this morning! Date confirmed! November 19, 2014!
  2. meganhood

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    I emailed mayte about 2 weeks ago. I know this is a very busy season! Anyone have any idea when she will be responding to emails again? I'm anxious to book my date!
  3. Can someone email me the total cost too? I'm not sure on guest amount yet. I'm guessing 50-70. My email is Megan.hood@hotmail.com. Thanks ladies!!
  4. meganhood

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Can someone also send me the 2014 price lists? Thanks so much!! Megan.hood@hotmail.com
  5. meganhood

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    I would also like the 2014 price list if anyone has one available. Megan.hood@hotmail.com Thanks!!!