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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by katiehenderson I was assigned Estela as my WC. Does anyone know much about her? Estela is my WC and she has been great. She is always very quick to respond, she's off on Saturdays so if you email her then you'll hear back on Sunday otherwise she gets back to me the same day. She's been really great to work with.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 Hi everyone! I am curious as to how pictures will work. My ceremony is at 5:30 and the reception is from 6-9. However, we want couple and family photos. When would we take couple photos if the reception starts right after the ceremony? Has anyone run into this issue. Will they let us not eat dinner until 7 in order to give us time to take photos while the guest are at the reception? Thoughts please!!!!!!! My reception is 6-9 as well but my ceremony is at 4pm and cocktail hour is from 5-6. I would consider adding a cocktail hour, I think there is a fee to break up your ceremony/reception and the cost of cocktail hour would be less.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JessSchollSmith @BridetobeABCD You will love Flora. She's an instant stress-reliever. I think the only thing I forgot to ask her when I went down was about making reservations for hair styling. I'm not sure how many can go at once... Have a great time! 3 people can have their hair done at a time, per my WC and the schedule she gave me for hair and makeup
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 Thank you for all of the information! For the Classic Wedding Package it says that a "standard bouquet" is included, but when looking online it says they are $100. Do you have to pay this 100, or no because it is included in the package? Also, I am having a private reception which is $15 per person. She sent me a menu, however, it is 15 pages long. Does anyone know what I am even aloud to chose from? If the bouquet is included in your package you don't have to pay for it, that's the a la carte price, if you want to upgrade to a luxury bouquet and only the standard is included in your package you will need to pay full price. I upgraded my cake and had to pay full price, so I assume all services are the same. I received a 30 page document when choosing my menu but everything was labeled (Wedding menu, Mexican Wedding, Indian Wedding, Breakfast, etc) so I went to the applicable section and chose from there. For example, my package includes soup, salad, entree and dessert which I chose from the wedding menu based on my package
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 Hi everyone! I'm getting married at Gran Caribe Real in May 2014. I was wondering about the private reception. They told me for a private reception it was $15 per person for the people staying at Gran Caribe. Does anyone know if this $15 includes the set up (tables, chairs, white table cloths, silverware, plates, ext) & the food? Or is is $15 per person PLUS the price of the food? I would assume the $15 includes setup, plates, white table cloths etc. I bought a package and I know that the fee includes everything for the reception (4 course meal, white linens, plates, service, etc) and if I go above the 40 included in the package I pay by the person but it covers everything.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sweetjess88 What package did you get? Ill probably just ask my WC about the one that the resort includes. I would also want it for a cocktail hour. Thanks for you help! =) Nevermind based on MOrdonez response I went and double checked, it's a Mexican Trio. I honestly didn't know the difference though until I just googled it. We did the luxury wedding package and it comes with it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by sweetjess88 Hello Brides! Is anyone getting a mariachi band for their wedding? Any recommendations? I have one included in my package, I didn't pick them out though its whoever the resort uses and I probably won't hear them very much because they're playing during cocktail hour. I guess that's not very helpful, sorry
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by meowybells Yes,I heard some really good things about Maya, but I've been really disappointed with communication. Hopefully they get better closer to the date. I'm interested how you're going to do without flowers Are you replacing them with something else? There was a delay between getting my emails responded to I remember that but assumed it was because it was during peak wedding season. I would definitely have done flowers if it wasn’t a DW because I LOVE them but I knew I’d be spending well over a 1,000 to just throw it all away 5 hours later, it’s not like people are going to bring centerpieces and bouquets back from MX, so I decided I was going to think of something that didn’t require flowers. My bouquet and my FI's boutonniere are included in the package so we have those. The other boutonniere’s I ordered off of Etsy, they’re from KateSaidYes. The girls will have clutches and I’m having the GM escort them down the aisle, we have one extra GM (I had a BM drop out) so I can have the best man stand with my FI at the altar and everyone else will come in with a GM and a clutch. The clutches were designed to match their dresses and have little flowers on them. I found the idea on a wedding blog and it looked cute and reusable. For Centerpieces I’m doing flameless pillar candles on glass plates with a ribbon around them that matches the table runners I’m bringing. Everything is pretty much white, pastel pink and a few hints of silver thrown in here and there. Simple but hopefully pretty
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by meowybells You're welcome how is planning coming along for you? I'm still stuck on flowers. It's coming along well. I have most of the big stuff done, just waiting on all of the RSVP's to come back so I can finalize some of the details I've been waiting on. Are you using an outside vendor for flowers? I was going to use Maya before I pretty much nixed flowers entirely
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by meowybells I found this great thread on tipping awhile back http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/11451/tipping-etiquette/30 I had the same question, thank you for posting. I knew I would be tipping my WC for sure and planned to tip the DJ and anyone else (bartender, waiter, etc) who we thought provided excellent service.
  11. I'm wondering the same thing, right now I think we plan to add an hour but b/w the DJ and extra per person charge not sure if it's worth it...
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MissJali i have pinterest also. i have a secret wedding board as well. I haven't been on there recently... I love pinterest it's where i find most of my recipes these days. I have a wedding board but I made sure to post duplicates of stuff so my actual thing may or may not be in there. Like my dress, the one I chose is pinned along with 6 others from when I started my dress hunt.
  13. Got it here! Im going to bed, gotta get up at 445, but Ill respond tomorrow. I'm happy to help and bestow whatever wisdom I have haha
  14. You did?? I didn't get anything from FB, strange, but I'm glad to have helped one way or another
  15. If you have any cruise questions let me know. We've done almost every line and been to lots places. I would suggest thinking about where you want to go and then going to a site that will search all the lines at once and return stops your interested int. Try www.Crucon.com or www.CheapCaribbean.com
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